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One of Us Is Lying

By Karen McManus

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One of Us Is Lying is basically The Breakfast Club, if during that detention, someone got murdered and everyone became a suspect. It’s a YA mystery-thriller, and while I’m not typically a YA reader, I really like mystery and crime novels. Plus, the concept of Breakfast Club + Murder was just too catchy to pass up.

By the way, there’s some spoiler-ish discussion at the very end of this post, but I’ll warn you before it starts.

Plot Summary

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In One of Us Is Lying, five high school students got sent into detention, and four of them come out alive.

Simon is the creator of the school’s gossip app, which he populates with everyone’s secrets as well. When he dies, there’s no shortage of people who could have held a grudge against him, but only four of them were in the room with him when it happened.

The remaining four students — Bronwyn the “Brain”, Cooper the “Jock, Abby the “Princess”, and Nate the “Rebel” — will have to piece together what happened and, of course, which one of them is lying.

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What’s up with The Breakfast Club connection?

In case you’re not familiar with The Breakfast Club, it’s a John Hughes movie about five high school students who get sent to detention. They each come from a different clique at school — there’s the rebel, the princess, the outcast, the brain, and the jock — but they all manage to see through their differences during their time together.

The resemblance of the premise to this popular 80’s flick is not a coincidence. McManus states that when she got the idea for the book, she “started thinking it would be fun to write an update of that movie, which I loved, but with some sort of a twist. And the phrase ‘The Breakfast Club with murder’ popped into my head, and it just stuck there.”

one of us is lying breakfast club

From The Breakfast Club (1985)

Book Review

I really enjoyed One of Us Is Lying. The mystery aspect of it was probably the most important for me, and I was pleasantly surprised by it. It comes together nicely and makes sense. You might be able to guess it before the reveal, but it’s still fun when the novel explains how all the other little details come together as well.

As dictated by the premise, the characters, of course, have a somewhat stereotypical aspect to their personalities. However, McManus does a good job of poking and prodding their stereotypical molds into fuller characters than that. They’ve each got their own set of concerns and have discrete character arcs as the story progresses.

The book moves pretty quickly and is a easy read overall. The Breakfast Club-esque aspect of it gives the book a lot of levity and a more positive and hopeful tone than your average mystery-thriller, which I thought was a nice change of pace. I also think the book does a really good job of blending the character arcs with the mystery itself. I was worried that it would fit unnaturally, like two books in one, but instead it comes together and feels like a complete story.

I don’t think this book will blow anyone away. The mystery is solid, but not, like, earth-shattering. The message from the rest of the book is fairly predictable, reminding us to be kind to others, to be empathetic and tolerant, etc. But I liked it enough that I’ll most likely read the sequel, One of Us Is Next, when it comes out in January 2020.

One of Us is Lying Movie / TV Series

There’s an film adaptation of One of Us is Lying in the works! It’s planned as a TV series to be aired on NBC’s upcoming streaming service (to be a competitor to Hulu, Netflix, etc.).

For all the details, see Everything We Know About the One of Us Is Lying NBC Series.

I think this has the potential to be pretty good. There’s a mystery underpinning it, but lots of character arcs to explore as well, so I could see this being something like a teen version of Big Little Lies.

Read it or Skip it?

I would recommend this book to people who enjoy mysteries novels, even if you don’t typically read YA. The mystery in this book is not scary nor full of dramatic twists and turns, but it’s a puzzle that comes together piece by piece in a way that’s coherent and satisfying. There’s largely no major lose threads, and everything fits nicely.

The topics that the book explores definitely have a YA slant, but since this book is marketed as YA, that’s to be expected. It’s things like worrying about where you’ll end up at college, fitting in, coming out, etc. It’s not stuff I’m particularly interested in, but I didn’t mind it either. The Breakfast Club-esque aspects of it were sort of charming and endearing for me.

Overall, I got a kick out of reading this book, and thought the mystery wrapped up nicely.

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Spoilers start here, plus I’ll answer a few commonly asked questions! Don’t keep reading unless you’ve read the book!

Spoiler-ish Thoughts

I don’t have a ton of spoiler-ish thoughts. The only thing that I wish the book had addressed was how exactly Simon got all that information, especially if he’s such an outcast. I can’t imagine if everyone dislikes him that people would keep feeding him information for no reason. I would say that’s the one big thread that didn’t get wrapped up neatly.

Who killed Simon? Who’s the killer in One of Us Is Lying?

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Simon is the one who killed Simon. He was depressed and resentful for wanting to be accepted, but was unable to do so. Plus, he’d been sucked into the toxic world of 4chan and sad guys cheering on school shootings, but he wanted to do something more “creative”. As a result, he planned his own suicide around taking out (e.g. framing) people who he had a grudge against.

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Detailed Book Summary (Spoilers)

Part One: Simon Says

Chapters 1 – 4

Bronwyn Rojas, Simon Kelleher, Nate Macauley, Cooper Clay and Addy Prentiss are students at Bayview High. They’ve all be sent to detention for having phones in class, which is not permitted. However, the phones they got in trouble for weren’t theirs (planted by someone else), but Mr. Avery doesn’t believe them.

Simon runs the gossip app (“About That“) for their school (where he posts about other people’s secrets). A lot of people dislike him for it, but it’s never been wrong. Bronwyn is the “good girl”/”brain”. Cooper (“Jock”/homecoming king) and Addy (homecoming princess) are the popular kids. Addy’s boyfriend is Jake. Cooper’s girlfriend is Keely, though he’s cheating on her. Nate is the school troublemaker. Nate’s mother left when he was young and his father is an alcoholic on disability, so he sells drugs (painkillers) for extra cash.

While in detention, there’s an accident in the parking lot, and Mr. Avery leaves to check it out. Simon goes to get a cup of water, takes a sip and has an allergic reaction. The others look for an epi-pen as he chokes, but can’t find one. Abby calls 9-1-1. Cooper runs to the nurse’s office, but the emergency epi-pens aren’t there. The paramedics arrive, but they soon hear Simon has died. The four others are told they each attend one-on-one counseling sessions in the wake of Simon’s death. The autopsy reveals Simon ingested peanut oil somehow.

A few days later, on tumblr, someone has anonymously posted a confession titled “About This” about killing Simon because of his gossip app.

Chapters 5 – 9

The tumblr account soon anonymously posts again, saying that it’s someone who was in detention, and the person admits to taking all the epi-pens from the nurse’s office. The police note that Addy had been in the nurse’s office earlier that day. Addy lies at first and says she wasn’t there. Then, when pressed, Addy says it was to get ibuprofen.

Detectives Wheeler and Chang shows up to question the students. They reveal that Simon’s next post was written, but was never posted before he died. Each of the four were mentioned in that post. Addy once cheated on her boyfriend Jake with his best friend, TJ Forester. Cooper’s fastball has recently improved dramatically (he’s a baseball player), which About This attributes to juicing (perfomance-enhancing drugs). Nate is on probation, but he’s still dealing drugs (painkillers). Bronwyn cheated (stealing tests from the teacher’s computer) to get an A in chemistry.

The police have a theory that they jointly planned the murder, which they all deny. Nate’s probation officer warns him that as the poor kid and the one on probation, he’s the obvious scapegoat, so he needs to tread carefully. He stops dealing drugs. Meanwhile, Addy figures the news about her and TJ will come out anyway, so she admits to Jake that she cheated on him. He dumps her.

Part Two: Hide-And-Seek

Chapters 10 – 18

After Simon’s funeral, Simon’s post with all the secrets appears on the About This tumblr, outing Nate, Addy, Cooper and Bronwyn. The news picks up the story, dubbing them the Bayview Four. Mikhail Powers, a TV reporter, starts reporting on it. Anonymous posts continue to appear on the tumblr, claiming to be from the killer who is one of the Four.

The person most sad about Simon’s death is Janae, Simon’s only real friend. Addy tries to comfort her after Simon’s death. Jake was friends with Simon when they were younger, but not anymore. Most people disliked Simon. Leah Jackson attempted suicide due to Simon’s reporting on her sex life. Another student, Aiden Wu had a breakdown when Simon outed him for cross-dressing.

Cooper and Addy each get lawyers. Now that Addy is not with Jake, she loses most of her friends other than Cooper. TJ also tries to be nice to her. Addy’s sister Ashton tries to help Addy figure out who she is separate from Jake. Addy admits she lied about being in the nurses’s office because the ibuprofen was for Jake, and she didn’t want to reinforce Ashton’s feeling that she let Jake treat her like a doormat.

Meanwhile, Cooper dumps Keely, since he realizes he doesn’t like her that much. Keely tells him about hooking up with Nate before they started dating to try to get a reaction, but Cooper doesn’t care.

Bronwyn’s parents hire Robin Stafford as her defense lawyer. Bronwyn also reaches out to Eli Kleinfelter, a lawyer at a legal defense non-profit called Until Proven, to ask for advice. Bronwyn finds herself but Nate offers her a cheap burner phone so they can communicate. She takes it, and Nate and Bronwyn start chatting. She plays piano for him. Soon, things get romantic.

Bronwyn’s sister Maeve hacks into Simon’s About That app to get some clues, and she starts researching Simon’s other online activities. Maeve had also been targeted by Simon a year before. The police dig up that post, and they question Bronwyn about it. Simon had cruelly mocked Maeve over a crush and made a dismissive remark about her having had cancer. In the comments section, there’s one from Bronwyn telling him to drop dead.

Nate’s long-absent mother shows up at his door. Cooper meets up with the person he was cheating on Keely with which turns out to be a guy named Kris.

Part Three: Truth or Dare

Chapters 18 – 23

Nate has dinner with his mother. She has gotten sober lately and has a stable job.

Maeve locates a bunch of Simon’s prior activity in 4chan threads where he cheers on school shooters and things like that. She forwards those to reporters. She also encourages Leah to talk to reporters about how Simon’s gossip caused her suicide attempt.

Janae asks Addy to hang out and she agrees. Janae tells her that Simon resented being an outsider. They go to Addy’s place. Janae asks for something to drink and then leaves suddenly. Addy then receives a text from Bronwyn warning her to be careful around Janae.

Cooper is in love with Kris, but is afraid to tell his dad. Cooper’s also the only one whose allegations on About That are false. He wasn’t on steroids. However, the police reveal that Cooper’s entry had been altered. Instead, there’s a previous entry that was encrypted which reveals Cooper’s relationship with Kris. They question him about the new revelation, and Cooper has no choice but to come out to his parents. After the police question more students, the secret is out, and at school, the kids tease Cooper. However, Nate, Addy and Bronwyn all stick with him, along with his friend Luis.

Chapter 24

The four meet up to discuss the situation and compare notes. Regarding Janae, Bronwyn notes that Janae has been hanging around them a lot, which is unusual. And it seemed like Janae and Simon had a falling out before he died. Janae has been losing weight ever since Simon’s death.

They also note Simon’s resentment. Simon had been interested in Keely, but she had hooked up with Nate and dated Cooper. Plus, Bronwyn and Leah had gotten Simon disqualified from Model U.N. by accidentally giving him a wrong date for a deadline. So, Simon was bitter with Nate, Bronwyn and Cooper, and maybe Addy since she is one of Keely’s best friends.

The four also wonder about the car (red Camaro) that just happened to get in an accident, leading Mr. Avery to leave the room. Cooper asks Luis’s brother, who works at the auto shop, if any cars like that have been in the shop lately.

That night, Mikhail Powers is on again covering the Bayview Four. But this time, the focus is different. Instead of dragging their names through the mud, he’s angry that the police outed Cooper. Mikhail notes that many others had reason to hate Simon. Aiden and Leah are featured, along with Simon’s 4chan activity.

Bronwyn is feeling hopeful, but then she finds out Nate has been arrested for Simon’s murder.

Chapters 25 – 28

Bronwyn contacts Eli and begs him to help Nate. Eli sees that there’s weird stuff going on with the police “discovering” new evidence in places they’d already searched. He eventually agrees and takes on the case, and Bronyn connects him with Nate’s mother, Ellen Macauley. Bronwyn, Addy and Cooper get together to discuss. They look through the tumblr posts, since the police think Nate wrote them. Addy stops at a post that describes the four of them catching a Detective Wheeler eating a donut. It’s something that never happened, but Addy told Jake that it had.

With Luis’s brother’s help, Bronwyn tracks down the red Camaro. The owner is Sam Barron. When prompted, he admits a guy paid him and his friend $1,000 each to get into the fender bender. He says it was Simon.

The four of them meet again, plus Kris and Ashton, Addy’s sister. Kris suggests that Simon killed himself and tried to take them down with him. They realize it makes sense. They then wonder if Jake was his accomplice, since Simon and Jake had once been friends, possibly because Simon had told Jake about Addy’s infidelity.

Chapter 29 – 30

Addy shows up at Janae’s house. Janae looks terrible. Addy comforts her, and Janae finally breaks down and admits that Simon did it to himself. Janae hands over a manifesto that she was supposed to give to police one year later where Simon confesses to his plan. Janae also tells Addy that Simon had rigged the votes for homecoming court to get on it, and Jake found out. So, Simon used the information about Addy and TJ to shut Jake up and to get Jake to help him. Jake was the one writing the tumblr posts. Jake also threatened to frame Janae when she got queasy about it. Jake also changed Cooper’s entry because he didn’t want people to think he was best friend with someone gay.

Finally, Janae says that Jake wanted her to plant a computer (linked to the tumblr posts) in Addy’s room to frame her, but Addy had been nice to her, so she chickened out. She framed Nate instead.

Jake shows up unexpectedly, and Janae and Addy quickly hatch a plan to secretly record him. They want evidence of his involvement to take to the police. Addy hides in the closet and records as Janae and Jake talk. However, her phone chimes and he finds her. She runs and he attacks her until Cooper shows up and stops him.

Jake is arrested. Addy and Janae are injured, but will be fine.

As the dust settles, Cooper plans to give Keely a proper apology for their relationship. He also plans to skip the draft and wants to attend USC, where Kris is a student. Eli has been courting Ashton. Janae is getting a plea bargain in exchange for her testimony.

Nate is freed, but feels like he was useless compared to the rest of the Four. With that weighing on him, plus the rest of his baggage, he feels like Bronwyn is too good for him and unceremoniously breaks up with her.

Epilogue: Three Months Later

Bronwyn is now dating a friend, Evan Neiman, and she’s waiting to hear back from Yale. Nate has been avoiding her.

That night, Bronwyn does a piano solo with the San Diego Symphony. Cooper, Addy, Kris, Ashton and Eli all show up to support her. Then, she finds out Nate was there, and he brings her flowers. He says that Addy has been bugging him about having a proper conversation with Bronwyn.

The book ends with them agreeing to try hanging out again as friends again (with the obvious implication that they both want it to be more than that).

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