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The Dreamers

By Karen Thompson Walker, A disappointing novel about an epidemic in a college town

Early on in the The Dreamers by Karen Thompson Walker, two college students discuss the Trolley Problem, a very popular thought experiment in ethical decision-making. It’s a scenario (would you kill one person to save five?) that has made its rounds again and again in academics, pop culture and in meme form, sometimes referred to …


The Snow Child

By Eowyn Ivey, A charming fairytale about a girl made of snow

“Like many fairy tales, there are many different ways it is told, but it always begins the same. An old man and an old woman live happily in their small cottage in the forest, but for one sorrow: they have no children of their own. One winter’s day, they build a girl of snow.” The …


Christmas Books and Holiday Reading 2018

The holidays are a great time to catch up on reading, ideally with a cup of hot chocolate in hand. (If you’ve never made real hot chocolate — i.e. hot chocolate made from blended/whisked milk and melted chocolate, not just cocoa mix — it’s worth doing at least once! Do it as a treat for …