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A Bookish Haiku

Do you ever feel this way or am I just overdramatic? P.S. The Illustrated Bibliofile is a feature I’ll be testing out to see if it’s something I want to do on a consistent basis. Hope you like it, and if so, please come visit the Bibliofile again! :)


Bookish Weekly Wrap-up

So, the Bibliofile’s subscription list is switching over to a once-weekly newsletter format. It’ll feature new content from The Bibliofile as well as catch you up on some recent bookish and #bookblogging news and posts! If you have any thoughts or feedback about the new format, feel free to reach out to me at jenn@the-bibliofile.com. …


A Man Called Ove

By Frederik Backman, A sweet, uplifting and surprisingly funny story about a grumpy old man called Ove

By now, many many positive reviews of A Man Called Ove have been written, it’s been turned into a movie and is soon likely to be re-adapted by Tom Hanks, plus the author has gone on to write other well-received novels. In short, I knew it was a sure thing. I read it mostly because …


A Place for Us

By Fatima Farheen Mirza, A sympathetic and well-crafted, but uneven family saga

A Place for Us by Fatima Farheen Mirza has been the belle of the ball lately, adorned in a gilded gold and violet cover and making the rounds with Sarah Jessica Parker in a full-out promotional blitz, complete with stylish matching totes. Parker chose the book for her inaugural release for SJP for Hogarth, a …