Welcome to the Bibliofile! I'm Jenn. I like books, and I like people who like books. I live in the SF Bay area (in Oakland), and I spend my days hanging with a very cute, fluffy dog named Peanut.

I read all sorts of things, but mostly I'm driven by my curiosity. I'll occassionally slog through a hardcore literary novel (sometimes just for the sake of being able to say I did it), but I'm at heart a pleasure reader. I read because it's fun.

The Bibliofile is a site for people who want to live their best literary life. I write reviews with the goal of helping the right books find the right readers. So, please enjoy, and happy reading!
Review Policy
Browse through the books to see what types of books I review. I read both ebooks or hardcopies, but I generally don't review self-published books.

If you have something you think would be good for the blog, feel free to reach out with a boilerplate description of the book. Please don't feel like you need to craft a personal message to me. Your time is valuable and should be spent writing! If it's something I'm interested in, I will follow up.
Partnerships and Affiliates
Advertising and Partnership (media kit) information can be found here.

I don't accept compensation in exchange for positive reviews. I do host various forms of other literary content (giveaways, author interviews, etc.) for books similar to those on The Bibliofile. For those requests, please reach out.

The Bibliofile is part of affiliate programs such as the Amazon Associates and Barnes and Noble affiliate programs. I also read and review books from Netgalley.
Contact me at jenn@the-bibliofile.com.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who creates the content on The Bibliofile?
I do! The Bibliofile is entirely written, designed, maintained, updated and coded by me. I don't rely on any contributors or unpaid interns or anything like that, though Peanut (my dog) occassionally provides moral support.

It's also supported by subscribers and people who are kind enough to leave tips via Paypal.

Where did you get the template for your website?
I coded it by hand. If you have a specific question about how to achieve a certain effect, feel free to reach out and I'll try to help if I can.

Where do you get the images you use for the headers and on the site?
I design them in Photoshop. It usually consists of looking for the highest quality photos available of the book covers and then moving around the text to make the headers.

For some blog posts, you'll see some illustrations in the header images. I am not an artist, so these illustrations are generally purchased from Creative Market, and then I'll add text and other design elements in Photoshop.
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