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Lovecraft Country

By Matt Ruff, A campy series of Lovecraftian stories set in Jim Crow-era America

With Lovecraft Country by Matt Ruff soon to become an HBO series (August 2020, see the trailer below!), I knew it was now or never for reading this book that has been sitting on my shelf for quite some time. Plot Summary See the Full Plot Synopsis & Summary for Lovecraft Country by Matt Ruff …


Mexican Gothic

By Silvia Moreno-Garcia, A gothic horror story set in 1950s Mexico

Mexican Gothic by Silvia Moreno-Garcia came out recently, and I’ve been enjoying its creepy delights this past week. I liked it, though it may not be for everyone. It’s a Gothic horror novel set in Mexico in the 1950s. Plot Summary See the Full Plot Synopsis & Summary for Mexican Gothic by Silvia-Moreno-Garcia (spoilers). For …


The Institute

By Stephen King, A thriller about a telekinetic kid who is kidnapped by a sinister organization

Stephen King has released a new novel, this time focusing on a sinister organization called The Institute and the abduction of a young boy with telekinetic abilities. I was never particularly curious about Stephen King until I watched the Castle Rock adaptation. After that, I read the Outsider, which I thought was just okay, but …


The Outsider

By Stephen King, An creepy and intriguing investigation into an unspeakable crime

I mostly decided to read The Outsider by Stephen King because it seemed long overdue for me to read one of his books. The last time I read a Stephen King novel, I must have been in high school. I have no recollection of it, and I don’t exactly remember which book it was (I …


House of Leaves

By Mark Danielewski, A post-modernist psychological horror story

Johnny Truant, a drug-addicted tattooist, finds a manuscript about a possibly fictional documentary called The Navidson Records. In it, Will Navidson moves his family — him, his wife and two young children — into a house in the suburbs, but discovers a door that leads to a dark hallway and, from there, a shifting, dark …