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Yours Truly
(Review, Book Summary & Spoilers)

By Abby Jimenez

Book review, full book summary and synopsis for Yours Truly by Abby Jimenez, a sweet and uplifting romance about two ER doctors who begin exchanging hand-written letters to one another.


In Yours Truly by Abby Jimenez, Briana and Jacob are both ER doctors who get off on the wrong foot after Jacob joins Briana's hospital. Briana has a lot on her plate with being recently divorced and taking care of her younger brother with kidney failure.

Meanwhile, Jacob is juggling a new job while dealing with the recent engagement of his ex-girlfriend to his younger brother.

Instead of letting things fester with Briana, Jacob decides to clear the air by writing Briana a hand-written letter. And soon, Briana writes back with a letter of her own...

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Quick Plot Summary

Three-paragraph version: Briana and Jacob are ER doctors who get off on the wrong foot due to a misunderstanding. Jacob writes Briana a letter to clear the air, and Briana soon writes back and the two become friends. Briana is recently divorced and taking care of her brother who needs a kidney donor. Jacob decides to get tested, is a perfect match, agrees to donate and the surgery is scheduled. Meanwhile, Jacob's ex-girlfriend is about to marry his younger brother. He asks Briana to pretend to be his girlfriend to attend pre-wedding events and the wedding itself so his family will think he's okay.

The two fall for each other as they pretend to be in a relationship and move in together. They both want more but Briana thinks Jacob isn't over his ex, and Jacob thinks Briana is interested in someone else. They eventually work things out and admit their feelings for each other, but Briana gets pregnant and freaks out. Briana's ex cheated on her while she was pregnant (though she miscarried), and her father left her mother when her mother was pregnant. Briana tells Jacob she can't be in a relationship. Jacob's mom tells him that it's a trauma response and advises him to be reassuring, patient and consistent with her and to just keep showing up for her. Meanwhile, Briana's best friend Alexis and mother encourage her to have faith in Jacob and to be brave.

Before Jacob's surgery, he gives Briana his diary to read so she can understand his feelings for her. Afterwards, Briana agrees to move back in with him and to give them a shot. Two years later, they have a daughter, Ava, and get married.

Briana, an ER doctor, is recently divorced and taking care of her brother Benny who needs a kidney transplant. When a new doctor, Jacob, joins their team, there's immediate friction between then, but Jacob quickly clears things up by writing Briana a thoughtful, handwritten letter. Soon, the two are exchanging letters back and forth and having lunch together in the supply closet.

Jacob's ex-girlfriend Amy who broke up with him eight months ago is marrying his brother Jeremiah soon, and in order to mollify his family's concerns, he tells them that he has a girlfriend. When his sister comes to visit, he sees Jacob and Briana together, and his family soon thinks they're together.

Jacob decides to get tested to see if he's a match for Benny, and when he is, he decides to donate his kidney. It's supposed to by anonymous, but the chief of their department, Gibson, lets slip that Jacob is the donor to Briana, who is immeasurably grateful. Benny has been struggling with depression since his diagnosis, and it completely turns things around for him.

Jacob asks Briana to pretend to be his girlfriend to the wedding and other family events leading up to the wedding, and Briana readily agrees. Briana is pretty jaded about men because of her ex-husband cheating on her and from her childhood when her dad left their family. However, they're attending family events together and they're both realizing they want something more. Jacob has a lot of social anxiety but he finds that Briana is good at helping him feel comfortable.

At Amy and Jeremiah's engagement party, Briana and Jacob attend together and manage to have a good time. However, Briana overhears a conversation between Amy and Jacob, and she takes it to mean that Jacob is not over Amy. Meanwhile, Jacob has realized he's over Amy and wants to be with Briana in a real way. Jacob asks Briana on a real date, but she says no, assuming he's just trying to get over Amy.

They continue their charade, and end up moving in together for the time being. Briana gets a visit at the hospital from an old friend, Levi, who has moved back to town because he's seeing a mutual friend of theirs. When Briana starts hanging out with Levi, Jacob thinks that it's potentially romantic in nature and gets jealous. When Briana and Levi start texting a lot, it drives Jacob crazy and he has a panic attack. It happens to be while Amy and Jeremiah announce that they're having a baby. Briana goes to comfort him and they have sex, but Briana gets upset afterwards thinking that she shouldn't have had sex with him while he's in love with someone else.

When they get home, they finally talk and each admit that they're in love with each other and clear up any misunderstandings. Things go great until they run into Briana's ex-husband Nick and his affair partner, Kelly, who is pregnant.

Briana has also realized that she's pregnant. Seeing them and knowing that she's pregnant, Briana pulls away from Jacob. She's reminded of how the two men in her life, Nick and her father, both left during pregnancies. She tells Jacob that she doesn't know how to be in a relationship with him and that she's just going to push him away. Jacob's mom, a relationship expert, explains to him that this is a trauma response, and she tells him that he just needs to be showing up and being consistent and reminding her that he loves her.

When the day of the surgery arrives, Briana's best friend Alexis talks to Briana and tells her to try to be brave. Briana goes to see Jacob beforehand and he offers her his diary. When she reads it, she sees all his thoughts about her as he fell in love with her. Afterwards, Briana realizes she should try to have some courage and tells him that she wants to move in together, and she apologizes for getting scared.

In the Epilogue, Briana and Jacob now have a child, Ava. They have a wedding and are married.

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Book Review

Yours Truly by Abby Jimenez came out back in April of last year, but I’ve been in the mood for lighter fare lately, so I thought I’d check it out. I just finished her more recent release, Just for the Summer, last week and found it delightful.

In Yours Truly, Briana is an ER doctor who is recently divorced and is going through a tough time caring for her brother who is in need of a kidney transplant. Meanwhile, Jacob has recently joined their hospital, also as an ER doctor, and is trying to convince his family is okay after his girlfriend dumped him eight months ago and is now engaged to his brother.

After some initial tension between Briana and Jacob due to a misunderstanding, Jacob writes Briana a hand-written letter to clear things up. And Briana decides to respond in kind, and a friendship begins to develop.

It’s a sweet, upbeat romance about two people being there for each other and figuring out how to accommodate one another and how to show up for each other based on their respective needs, personalities and experiences. The story also deals with each of their relationship fears and explores how it affects them and they overcome those fears.

There are a few cliched aspects of the story — it’s a hardcore fake relationship story — but it’s such a tender, warm-hearted and cute romance, I think you’d have to be a little dead inside not to want to cheer for this couple.

It’s part of Abby Jimenez’s “Part of Your World” series, so the characters crop up in the other books, but the romances are entirely standalone. The books technically give away the ending of the previous books, but it’s not that much of a secret how romance novels end so it doesn’t make a big difference if you read them out of order.

Read it or Skip it?

I knew I wanted to read another of Abby Jimenez’s books after reading her latest release, and I’m really glad I did. I was definitely in the mood for something light and fun, but also something reassuring and sweet. It also deals meaningfully with the stuff that the characters are each battling.

If you’re looking for something that’s romance and goodness and all heart, this one is a pretty sure bet.

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