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The Glass Hotel

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The Full Book Recap and Chapter-by-Chapter Summary for The Glass Hotel by Emily St. John Mandel are below.

Quick(-ish) Recap

In Part I, the book opens with snippets, indicating that someone has fallen off a ship. In 1999, Paul leaves school after he accidentally gives someone bad drugs, resulting in their death. Distraught, he goes to find his half-sister Vincent. In 2005, Vincent and Paul are working at a luxury hotel, The Hotel Caiette. After a graffiti incident, Paul is asked to leave. Jonathan Alkaitis, a frequent guest and the owner of the hotel property, has a reservation the night the graffiti appears. Years later, Walter, the hotel night manager, learns that Jonathan ended up marrying Vincent.

In 2008, Vincent is 24. Jonathan is 58. Jonathan is a wealthy New York financier, and it brings Vincent into a life of luxury, which lasts from 2005-2008. They are not legally married, but she lives as his trophy wife. Jonathan warns that there is a woman, Ella Kaspersky, who is crazy and has been accusing him of fraud. Vincent befriends Mirella, whose boyfriend is a Saudi prince that invests with Jonathan. A few months before it all comes crashing down, Vincent meets, Olivia is a former painter whose only notable sale was a painting of Jonathan's deceased older brother, Lucas. All of Olivia's money is invested with Jonathan.

In Part II, Jonathan is arrested and sentenced to 170 years in prison in December 2008. There was a meeting where Jonathan had admitted that he was running a Ponzi scheme to his daughter Claire and to Vincent. Afterwards, Claire had alerted the authorities, resulting in Jonathan's arrest. After the arrest, Vincent gets a job bartending and in a kitchen. There's a run-in with Mirella (whose boyfriend Faisal is now dead due to Jonathan's misdeeds). As a result, Vincent quits and in 2013 she joins a ship, the Neptune Cumberland, as an assistant cook. Meanwhile, in prison, Jonathan sees the ghosts of Faisal and Yvette (who had a heart attack as a result of her financial destruction).

Before the arrest, Vincent learns that Paul ended up taking videos she had shot as a kid, adding music and passing them off as his own work. He's been making a living with his video and music performances. She's angry, but realizes that Jonathan wouldn't like her causing drama about it.

Part III starts by re-examining the events leading up to the arrest. Due to turbulence in the financial markets, Jonathan's fake fund was having liquidity problems. The day of his arrest, he announces this to the 17th Floor, the asset management arm, where there were a handful of people whose work help to perpetuate the fraud. On the 18th Floor, the brokerage arm, the firm operates as a normal, legit broker-dealer. When Jonathan announces the liquidity issue, everyone on 17 freaks out. Enrico books a flight to Mexico and leaves. Harvey begins writing a confession. Simone, a new secretary, is asked to start shredding papers. Jonathan is arrested that night, and the others are soon arrested as well.

A decade later in 2018, Vincent falls overboard the Neptune Cumberland. Leon Prevant, who has been struggling financially since his savings were wiped out by Jonathan, is asked to investigate as a consultant. Michael Saparelli, from the security office, investigates as well. There's some indications that it was Geoffrey, a guy Vincent was dating. However, Saparelli tells Leon that it's better to write reports that don't result in people getting fired if he wants more consulting work. Leon doesn't mention it in his report, but he still doesn't get additional consulting work.

In prison, Jonathan sees Olivia's ghost and soon learns that Olivia is dead, too. Meanwhile, Ella turns out to be the one who had asked Paul to graffiti a threatening message for Alkaitis to see that night in 2005. Ella had been approached years ago by Jonathan and had recognized that something fraudulent was going on. She had tried to alert the SEC to no avail. The hotel is closed after Jonathan's arrest. Walter, the night manager, stays on as the caretaker for the empty property. Years pass and the rest of Floor 17 serve their time and are released. One of them, Oskar, ends up back in prison on a drug charge.

The book closes with Vincent falling off the ship. She sees the ghost of Olivia, which causes her to drop her video camera and reach in after it, resulting in her fall. Vincent sees a snippets of things as she falls, including Paul who recognizes that she's a ghost. He apologizes for stealing from her, but Vincent admits she's a thief too, because she had known on some level that there was some type of malfeasance going on with Jonathan's fund. It ends with Vincent finding her mother, who died in an accident when Vincent was 13.

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Chapter-by-Chapter Summary

Part One

Chapter 1 – Vincent in the Ocean (December 2018)

This chapter consists of snippets. There’s a ship called the Neptune Cumberland. A person falls from the side of the ship, video camera flying away. This person thinks about his/her brother, Paul, who he/she hasn’t seen in a decade. There’s a vision of him looking rough, slumped in a doorway, before it goes black.

Chapter 2 – I always come to you (1994 and 1999)

At the end of 1999, Paul is studying finance at the University of Toronto after several stints in rehab. He gave up his musical interests for this much more practical course of study, but he’s uninterested in the topic. Paul goes to see an ambient electronica band called Baltica. The trio consists of two guys, Charlie and Theo, and a beautiful girl, Annika. He doesn’t love the electronica music, but when Annika adds in the classical violin, it pulls the music together.

On Tuesday, Paul gets his grades and is now on academic probation. He goes dancing and takes some ecstasy. Paul thinks he had a bad reaction to them, but they’re actually just bad pills. A couple weeks later, he goes to see Baltica again in order to ask Annika out. She says no, but Paul offers Annika the rest of the ecstacy pills he’d gotten at the club. The band takes them, and Charlie dies from the bad pills half an hour later.

Upset and distressed, three days later Paul leaves Toronto to find his 18-year-old half-sister, Vincent. He calls his aunt Shauna, Vincent’s legal guardian, to learn that Vincent moved out a year ago. The last time Paul had seen Vincent was five years ago. At the time, Vincent’s mother (Paul’s stepmother) had died two weeks prior and Vincent had been suspended from school for a week for grafitti-ing a school window with the words “Sweep me up”.

(In Chapters 2-4, it’s explained that Paul grew up in Caiette. His father falls in love with a woman down the street when Paul is very young. The woman, a poet, becomes pregnant with Vincent. Paul and his mother flee for Toronto. Meanwhile, Vincent grows up with her mother and their father in Caiette, and as a result Paul harbors a deep resentment that Vincent got to grow up with two parents. Vincent’s mother drowns when she is 13. Her father works as a tree planter and is often gone for long stretches, so he sends Vincent to live with his sister, Shauna.)

On December 31, 1999, Paul finds Vincent living with her childhood best friend, Melissa. Vincent is working as a waitress, and Melissa is preparing to go to college in the fall. The three of them go out to a club to party before Y2K hits. As the year 2000 arrives, Paul is certain he sees the ghost of Charlie Wu in the crowd.

Chapter 3 - The Hotel (Spring 2005)

In Spring 2005, Vincent is a bartender at the recently-renovated Hotel Caiette. Hotel Caiette, a luxury hotel, is a 15-minute speedboat ride from Grace Harbour, a village near Vancouver. A graffiti-ed message, “Why don’t you swallow broken glass“, has been found on a glass wall. Walter, the hotel’s night manager, covers it up. Larry, the night porter, helps.

strong>Leon Prevant, an insomniac shipping executive, is the only hotel guest who sees the graffiti. He brought his wife, Marie, to the hotel as an anniversary surprise. However, he’s recently learned of an impending company merger, and he’s certain he will lose his job. He’s worried about their financial situation.

Jonathan Alkaitis arrives at the hotel a few hours after the graffiti appears. He technically owns the hotel, but it is leased to the hotel management. He comes to visit 3 or 4 times a year and works in finance in New York. He’s put-together and discreet, with little indication that Alkaitis will eventually die in prison. Alkaitis and Prevant become acquainted at the hotel, and they end up having dinner.

Later, Walter and Raphael, the general manager, review the surveillance footage regarding the vandalism, to no avail. Walter mentions that Paul, the new night houseman, had been acting strangely and had asked about Alkaitis’s arrival. Walter accuses Paul of the vandalism and fires him. Paul starts to say something about “having debts”, but Walter cuts him off. Later, Walter feels less sure of his decision. He wonders why Paul would do it and why Paul would care about Alkaitis.

Months pass. The following spring, Walter notices that Alkaitis hasn’t visited the hotel in some time. He also discovers that Alkaitis is now married to Vincent.

Chapter 4 – A Fairy Tale (2005–2008)

After leaving Caiette, Vincent moves into Jonathan’s luxurious house in the Connecticut suburbs. Vincent, 24, is 34 years younger than him and understands that she is a trophy “wife”. Vincent wears a wedding ring, but they are not legally married. She is expected to be available to Jonathan and dressed impeccably at all times. Jonathan often takes Vincent to meet with potential investors in his fund.
His daughter, Claire, is five years older than her. Jonathan’s former wife, Suzanne, passed away three years ago. Living with them is their house manager, Gil, and his wife, Anya, their cook and manager of other household activities.

Vincent had been struggling to figure out how to escape her life of bartending, to be “swept up”, when she’d met Jonathan. She understands she’s paying a price to live this life, but it’s one she finds reasonable. After her mother’s death, Vincent’s grandmother gives her a video camera, which she loves. One of Vincent’s first purchases in her new life is an expensive video camera, and she enjoys shooting five minute clips, like little portraits.

One afternoon while lounging at a villa in Nice, Jonathan warns that there’s a woman, Ella Kaspersky, who is obsessive, delusional and convinced that the consistently high returns from his fund are the result of some type of fraud. Even after prompting and SEC investigation (which found nothing), Ella has still persisted.

Lenny Xavier, a music producer, is Jonathan’s most important investor. One night, they meet up with him. Lenny talks about, Annika, a girl he once worked with who was very beautiful. She ended up cutting things off to protect her “artistic integrity” and joined an electronica band.

Their first winter together, they go to a party at a private club in Miami. Vincent meets Mirella, a woman whose boyfriend Faisal, a Saudi prince, invests with Jonathan. Faisal had been the black sheep of the family, but he’d introduced Jonathan to his family. Their investments had performed so well, that it had changed the way the family saw Faisal. Vincent likes Jonathan, but Mirella truly loves Faisal. Mirella also does not come from money. She had been a failed model and then a failed actress before meeting Faisal. Vincent later realizes how alone she was before she met Mirella.

Vincent’s “Age of Money” lasts for a little under three years. One day, before it all comes crashing down, Vincent tells Mirella about meeting Jonathan. Melissa had been working at Hotel Caiette and Vincent’s father had recently died of a heart attack. Vincent goes home to Caiette deal with stuff, but ends up getting a job at Hotel Caiette as well and gets her brother a job there, too, a few months later. Vincent and Mirella talk about how the thrill of shopping eventually wears off, but Vincent also considers the freedom of never having to think about money.

Chapter 5 – Olivia

In the summer of 2008, Olivia Collins stands outside an apartment she had first visited back in 1958. Across the street is a yellow Lamborghini. Back in 1958, Lucas Alkaitis (brother to Jonathan), a painter, had been looking for models. Olivia, also a painter, was also in need of a model. She’d shown up to his place and proposed that they make a trade in kind and serve as each others’ models.

Olivia is painting her friend Renata when Lucas shows up at her place to accept. She paints him, but when he leaves she adds the detail showing his bruised veins (from injecting drug). At the opening five months later, upon seeing Lucas with Shadows, Lucas is furious. He yells at her with his 14-year-old kid brother (Jonathan) at his side. Ten months after is was painted, Lucas dies from an overdose.

40 years later, after years of no art sales and working temp jobs, there’s a retrospective exhibition. Lucas with Shadows sells at auction for $200K. Olivia’s sister, Monica is a retired lawyer. Monica tells her to invest the money and refers her to a man she’d invested with, Jonathan Alkaitis. Jonathan remembers her. Jonathan and Olivia continue to meet up occasionally for lunch after that. He tells her that he bought her painting from the guy who had won it at auction.

Three months before Jonathan’s arrest, in September 2008, he invites Olivia to a trip on his yacht, and she meets Vincent. Jonathan says that he’s impressed by Vincent’s adaptability and pragmatism. Olivia smiles politely, but dismisses Vincent as an unserious person who has morphed into whatever Jonathan wants her to be.

Part Two

Chapter 6 – The Counterlife (2009)

Alkaitis was arrested in December 2008, and he is sentenced to 170 years. He is now in a medium-security prison facility (“strong>Medium 1“) in Florence, South Carolina. His cellmate is Hazelton, who is half his age. People who have been to maximum security before say that Medium 1 is like a country club. It’s not, but it’s also not that bad.

A journalist asks him why he never fled the country if he knew he would be arrested eventually, but he admits is didn’t occur to him. He wonders what would have happened if he hadn’t admitted the truth to Claire at the holiday party, who ended up calling the FBI. He wonders what life would have been like if he’d fled to Dudai.

Chapter 7 – Seafarer (2008 – 2013)

In August 2013, Vincent boards the Neptune Cumberland as the assistant cook. Jeffrey Bell (first mate) and Felix Mendoza (steward and her boss) greet her. Unpon meeting Geoffrey, she feels something like love at first sight, a recognition that he is going to be someone significant in her life.

Vincent thinks back to Jonathan’s arrest. She is 28 when it happens. She cuts her hair to change her appearance. She finds a small room above a garage and gets two jobs, one bartending and the other as a kitchen trainee. A year and a half later, she sees Mirella again, entering the bar with some friends. Vincent had tried to contact Mirella after the arrest and after Faisal’s death. She wanted to apologize and tell her she hadn’t known, but Mirella hadn’t called her back. At the bar, Mirella pretends not to know her. After the Mirella run-in, Vincent quits and decides she wants to head for the sea. Her mother, always a restless person, had briefly worked as the steward of a Coast Guard vessel.

The Neptune runs on a 68-day cycle, going from Port Newark around to other ports and back. Most people on the ship work for 6 months and then take a three-months shore leave. Vincent plans to do the same and to use her time to go to Thailand. Three months in, Geoffrey asks her if she’s happy with her life and she answers honestly yes.

Chapter 8 – The Counterlife (2015)

In a different life that Alkaitis imagines, a “counterlife”, he has fled the United States for a life of living abroad in luxury hotels. As Alkaitis thinks about his counterlife, he finds that he has trouble separating it out from his actual memories. He daydreams about it and tells Churchwell about it. Churchwell is not quite a friend, but someone Alkaitis sometimes eats and chats with. He was a double agent for the CIA and KGB.

He asks Hazelton, a guy doing ten to fifteen for grand larceny, if he believes in ghosts. Hazelton says he knew a guy who thought he saw the ghost of a guy he killed by accident, but Hazelton thinks it was just his guilty conscience. In the corner of his cell, Alkaitis sees Faisal’s ghost standing in a corner.

Chapter 9 – A Fairy Tale (2008)

Vincent remembers going sailing with Jonathan a few months before his arrest and meeting his friend, Olivia. A month later, she had looked up her brother, Paul. She hadn’t seen him since she left the Hotel Caiette. She sees that in December he’s doing a series of performances of video and music, called Distant Northern Land: Soundtracks for Experimental Film. It consist of a series of five-minute videos put to music. She realizes that he had clearly taken her videos for his own use.

That December, she goes to the Brooklyn Academy of Music where Paul’s performance is being held. She watches as Paul presents her childhood videos, put to Paul’s music. Afterwards, Vincent considers legal action, but knows Jonathan would be unlikely to approve.

In those months, Jonathan had been distracted and working long hours. Vincent hasn’t been sleeping well. The last morning before the arrest (of living in the “kingdom of money”), Vincent is visiting the Met when Jonathan calls to remind her of the Christmas Party that night. Later that day, Vincent has a panic attack, which she attributes to lack of sleep and learning about Paul’s betrayal. At rush hour, Jonathan’s receptionist instructs Vincent to go to Jonathan’s office as a matter of urgency.

At Jonathan’s office, there’s a meeting. Jonathan, Claire and Harvey (an employee) are there. Claire is upset. Jonathan starts by asking Vincent if she knows what a Ponzi scheme is.

Part Three

Chapter 10 – The Office Chorus (December 2008)

At 1 o’clock on the day of the arrest, Alkaitis walks into the offices on Floor 17, the asset management arm of the firm, and assembles the handful of people. He announces that the firm has liquidity problems. There has always been an awareness of the “crossing of lines” and something amiss, but when Alkaitis says that ““we all know what we do here”, it’s the final acknowledgement of their misdeeds. The only one confused is Ron, who is genuinely baffled. Ron references the London office, which unbeknownst to him consists of one employee with multiple e-mail addresses who sends wires to give the appearance of trading activity.

On Floor 18, is the brokerage arm of the firm, which consists of around a hundred employees. The activities are all legit, engaging in stock trading activities, and it’s where Claire works. There, business continues as usual.

Back on 17, the employees are panicking, making plans to confess or leave the country (except for Ron, who watches cat videos and scrolls through Facebook). By close of business, the new receptionist, Simone, is busy shredding papers in a conference room, but she pockets one memo. Claire happens to walk in and inquire about what’s up with the shredding. She then asks her father about it as well as the loans they’ve taken out. Finally, Alkaitis admits the truth. Just before 7:30, Simone is instructed to call Vincent and ask her to come to the office.

Floor 18 employees attend the holiday party, but Floor 17 has other concerns. They (Harvey, Joelle and Oskar) are gathered there, worried. Ron is confused, and Enrico is not there because he is on a plane to Mexico. Oskar later walks Vincent to Jonathan’s pied-à-terre, and she sleeps with him. At 3AM, Oskar awakes. He sees the Olivia Collins painting and recognizes the name as an investor that Jonathan is friends with. Oskar feels guilty about all the small investors that have lost everything, but don’t know it yet and he flees the house. He thinks back to the moment when it became clear what was going on, over a decade ago, when he was asked to backdate a trade. He wishes he had called the authorities then, but instead had deposited the “bonus” check he’d been given.

At 4:30 at his house, Jonathan is awoken by a doorbell (and presumably arrested).

Chapter 11 – Winter

The day following the arrest, the police begin investigating Alkaitis for securities fraud and it’s on the news. Olivia finds out from Monica, and she goes to the offices to check things out. It dawns on her that social security is now her only source of income. In Las Vegas, Leon Prevant chats with Miranda, a colleague, about issues in the shipping industry when his accountant starts calling him. The accountant explains that it was a ponzi scheme and all his money is gone.

The next day, Harvey offers up his written confession to the police. At Claire’s request, Simone picks up a few things from Claire’s desk to give to her. Claire bitterly tells Simone that this is a story that Simone will still be telling at parties twenty years from now. Oskar is arrested.

Six months later, Olivia attends the sentencing hearing. Veer Sethi, Jonathan’s lawyer, makes his statements to the judge. Jonathan is sentenced to 170 years, and Olivia thinks that someone being locked away for that long is like something out of a fairy tale. Even with the long sentence being delivered, Olivia faces the same fate of being broke and going to live in her sister’s guest bedroom.

Chapter 12 – The Counterlife

One morning in prison, Jonathan sees Yvette Bertolli, a former investor, there. She lost $320 million of her clients’ money and had a heart attack that afternoon. Jonathan knows she can’t really be there, but there she is talking to Faisal. Later, a journalist who visits occasionally to interview him, Julie Freeman, tells him that Lenny Xavier (an investor who had known about the scheme) lost his appeal and was found guilty on all counts.

When Jonathan sees Olivia in the prison commissary, he asks Julie to check what happened to Olivia. Julie informs him that Olivia died a month ago. Jonathan finally asks what Julie is writing about and she says it’s “mass delusions.” Julie says that any sophisticated investor would have known there was a fraud going on, so in order for this to go on for so long, many people had to believe something that didn’t make sense.

Jonathan recalls meeting Ella Kaspersky at the Hotel Caiette in 1999. He’d approached her as a potential investor, and he explained his investment strategy to her. A few weeks later, he’d received a letter explaining that she’d done some research and talked to experts who felt his returns were impossible. She had also forwarded the letter to the SEC. He saw Ella one more time, when he was out to dinner with Suzanne. Suzanne, who was aware of everything, had said to Ella, “Why don’t you swallow broken glass?”

Asked about why he didn’t flee after Ella’s letter, Jonathan thinks of the story of the swan in the frozen pond. It’s a children’s story where a swan “doesn’t perceive the approaching danger or loves the lake too much to leave even though it’s clearly time to go or is afflicted by hubris […] and then winter sets in and the swan is frozen in ice, because it didn’t get out of the water in time.”

In his counterlife in Dubai, Jonathan sees Vincent there, but then Faisal and Yvette show up and Vincent disappears. Later, Jonathan recognizes that reality is slipping away from him. He wishes he would imagine Suzanne or especially Lucas instead as his ghosts. He thinks back to a memory of Lucas, mostly remembering the sense of calm and contentment he felt afterwards.

Chapter 13 – Shadow Country (December 2018)

In December 2018, Leon Prevant is working at a Mariott in a small town in Colorado. Marie is working the night shift stocking shelves at Walmart. Leon’s entire severance package and savings had been in Jonathan’s fund. When Jonathan was arrested, they had just bought their new RV. After months of stress and missed mortgage payments, they’d decided to pack up their RV and abandon their house.

Then, Miranda calls, asking him to do some work as a temporary consultant. She says there’s been an incident involving a cook that has disappeared off the Neptune Cumberland. Miranda is trusting him to investigate what happened. He accepts eagerly. Miranda gives him the details on the “Vincent Smith” case, and Leon wonders is Vincent Alkaitis and Vincent Smith are the same person.

According to the records, Vincent had been working on the Neptune for five years and Geoffrey Bell, who Vincent had been dating, was the main suspect. He disembarked after Vincent’s disappearance and hasn’t been seen since. Two people describe overhearing an argument in her room that night and security footage shows them both entering a blind spot, where Vincent disappears. Michael Saparelli from the security office, a former NYPD officer, is conducting interviews for the investigation, but Miranda wants Leon there as an independent investigator. Mendoza (the steward) notes his fondness for Vincent and says that Bell hit a female engineer he was once, eight or nine years ago. Bell also has two arrests for violence in his record, which the company failed to catch when he was hired.

Afterwards, Saparelli advises Leon not to mention the Bell allegations in his report. He tells Leon that if he wants more consulting contracts, it’ll be better of he doesn’t write reports where people end up getting fired. When Leon seems reluctant to alter his report, Saparelli brings up that Leon should have disclosed his (possible) relationship with the missing woman. Later, Saparelli sends him one of Vincent’s videos, filmed by leaning out over the railing, and says that the death was most likely an accident. After Saparelli, Leon feels unsure of his moral center, and Leon isn’t invited to do more consultant work either.

Chapter 14 – The Office Chorus (December 2029)

In 2029, Simone talks about her time working for Alkaitis at a cocktail party in Atlanta. By now, Simone is in her mid-forties and the rest of them have compeleted their prison sentences.

Ron doesn’t get sentenced, though he does end up divorced, and now is a ticket taker at a movie theater. Harvey gets the lightest sentence because he was the first to confess. Joelle goes to live with her sister after she is released from prison. Oskar is arrested on drug charges two years after his release. Enrico now lives with his wife and kids using the name Jose. The others wonder what his amazing life must be like since he evaded arrest, but Enrico still worries each night what will happen when he’s finally apprehended.

Chapter 15 – The Hotel

In late spring in 2005, Ella Kaspersky goes up to the night manager at the Hotel Caiette, Paul, and tells him a story which ends with her paying him to “deliver a message” to Alkaitis. Three years later when Alkaitis is arrested, Walter, an investor, realizes his life savings are gone. Moreover, the hotel is to be sold, but it hasn’t turned a profit in the last four years and the remote location makes it a bad proposition for any other type of business. So, it’s unlikely a buyer will materialize. Walter contacts the hotel trustee, Alfred Selwyn, and offers to be the property caretaker in the meantime. Ten years later and still alone there, Walter is perfectly content.

13 years after the graffiti incident, Paul, who is still addicted to drugs and doing his music, runs into Ella at the Edinburgh Festival. As they chat, he mentions that his sister ended up living with Alkaitis, but admits he doesn’t know what happened to her since then. She asks him about his work and musical influences, and he says his stuff sounds like a group, Baltica, that was in Toronto in the nineties. As he leaves, he thinks he senses Vincent’s presence.

Chapter 16 – Vincent in the Ocean

Vincent and Geoffrey sit in bed after arguing earlier. Geoffrey tells Vincent to stop filming by leaning off the railings, but Vincent doesn’t want to be told what to do. She goes out to the deck to get some fresh air, camera in tow. Vincent sees a woman, but knows it can’t be right because she’s the only female on board. Vincent sees that it’s Olivia Collins. Vincent’s camera falls from her hand. She reaches out to get it and falls into the water.

There’s snippets of things. She’s in Jonathan’s counterlife in Dubai, where Yvette and Faisal are, too. Geoffrey tells Felix that he know he’ll be blamed for Vincent’s disappearance so he flees. She recalls meeting Lenny and knowing that he was referencing some type of “scheme” that he and Jonathan were up to, but chose not to understand it. She sees Paul standing in a doorway. He says sorry, and she says that she was a thief, too. Then she is on a beach and her mother is there, 36, right before the accident, and she calls out her mother’s name.

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