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All Adults Here

By Emma Straub, A lighthearted beach read about inclusivity and acceptance

I knew Emma Straub’s All Adults Here would likely be a fun, light read so it was an obvious choice to take to lake-side park for a picnic on the weekend. I didn’t end up feeling very strongly about it, but it was a pleasant enough read for the day if you read it uncritically. …


The Vanishing Half

By Brit Bennett, A story about two twins living divergent lives

The Vanishing Half by Brit Bennett was on a lot of lists for highly anticipated books for 2020, but now it’s been picked up for an HBO limited series in a 7-figure deal. I really enjoyed this book, and I think it would be so fantastic as a television series, so I’m looking forward to …


Long Bright River

By Liz Moore, An intimate family drama about substance abuse wrapped up in a mystery-thriller package

Long Bright River by Liz Moore came out last month, and I put it on my shortlist because I figured a family-type drama with mystery elements would be right up my alley. I’d actually never heard of Liz Moore before this, but this book was a Good Morning America book club pick, so it popped …


Olive, Again

By Elizabeth Strout, a darker, but more hopeful addendum to Strout's Pultizer Prize winning novel Olive Kitteridge

Olive, Again by Elizabeth Strout is the follow-up to her 2008 Pulitzer Prize winning novel, Olive Kitteridge. I recently just did a re-read of the first book, check out my thoughts on Olive Kitteridge here. Plot Summary For the Detailed Plot Summary, click here or scroll all the way down. Olive, Again picks up right …


Olive Kitteridge

By Elizabeth Strout

So, my review of Olive, Again will be coming up next week-ish, but I first wanted to do a re-read of the first book, Oliver Kitteridge by Elizabeth Strout. If you’re just trying to get caught up for the sequel, note that you don’t actually need to have read this first book (Olive Kitteridge) to …