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Deacon King Kong

By James McBride, A lively and compassionate story about a shooting in the projects of South Brooklyn

Deacon King Kong by James McBride is not the type of book I ordinarily would have chosen for myself. If it hadn’t popped up on Oprah’s book club, I probably wouldn’t have given it much consideration. Of course, having read it, I’m really glad I did and I hope others give it a shot, too. …


Long Bright River

By Liz Moore, An intimate family drama about substance abuse wrapped up in a mystery-thriller package

Long Bright River by Liz Moore came out last month, and I put it on my shortlist because I figured a family-type drama with mystery elements would be right up my alley. I’d actually never heard of Liz Moore before this, but this book was a Good Morning America book club pick, so it popped …