People We Meet on Vacation Movie: What We Know

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What’s it about? What’s the plot of People We Meet on Vacation?

People We Meet on Vacation, released in May 2021, is a summery road trip romance rom-com.

In the People We Meet on Vacation, Poppy and Alex are best friends from college who have travelled together each summer for the last decade. But two years ago there was a rift in their friendship, and they haven’t spoken since.

With Poppy feeling dissatisfied in life despite having her dream job, she reaches back out to Alex. They agree to go on one more trip, and Poppy is determined to finally set things right.

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What format will it be? Will the People We Meet on Vacation adaptation be a Movie or a Series?

It’s planned as a feature movie.

Who’s behind it?

3000 Pictures owns the film rights for People We Meet on Vacation. Brett Haley is set to direct the picture.

Yulin Kuang is penning the screenplay. She’s also the director and writer for the adaptation of Emily Henry’s novel Beach Read.

Screenwriter Yulin Kuang about adapting the two Emily Henry novels: “I believe the primary goal of adaptation is to introduce new audiences to the books we love, which means prioritizing a cinematic experience over a strictly faithful one. You have to love the book enough to see its potential to grow and change in a new art medium, while still keeping the beating heart of what drew you to the source material.”

What’s the status of the People We Meet on Vacation adaptation?

The adaptation is currently in Pre-Production as of March 2024.

Who’s in the cast?

No casting details have been released yet.

See the full cast (when available) on IMDB.

When will it be released?

Currently unknown.

Is there a trailer or teaser available?

Not yet! Stay tuned.

People We Meet on Vacation Movie Development Timeline

May 11, 2021 People We Meet on Vacation (novel) is released.

October 11, 2022 3000 Pictures Taps Brett Haley To Direct Adaptation Of ‘People We Meet On Vacation’

October 11, 2022 Emily Henry posts about the (potential) adaptation in her newsletter

people we meet on vacation newsletter

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