Lock Every Door TV Series: What We Know

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Lock Every Door by Riley Sagar is a bestselling thriller that’s being adapted into a TV series. Here’s what we know:

What’s it about? What’s the plot?

Lock Every Door is a mystery-thriller about a woman who is offered a job “apartment sitting” at a beautiful, upscale building called The Bartholomew. She jumps at the chance, despite knowing that it all seems a little too good to be true. However, as she begins to look into the many stories that surround the Bartholomew, she starts to uncover secrets of its dark and haunted past. And there are those around her that would prefer those secrets stay buried.

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Lock Every Door as released on July 2, 2019, but Paramount had already began developing it as a TV series in advance of the book’s release.

What format will it be? Will the Lock Every Door adaptation be a Movie or a Series?

It’s planned as an episodic series.

Who’s behind it?

Lock Every Door has been optioned as a co-production by Paramount and Anonymous Content to be adapted into a television series.

Brian Buckner is adapting the book to script form and will executive produce as well. Bruckner previously served as the showrunner and writer for True Blood. Angela Robinson will direct the series and executive produce, too.

Buckner and Robinson previously collaborated on True Blood, with Robinson joining in Season 5 as co-executive producer and later becoming an executive producer by Season 7.

What’s the status of the Lock Every Door adaptation?

The adaptation is currently in development, but a script writer (Buckner) and director (Robinson) are attached to the project.

Who’s in the cast?

No casting details have been released yet.

When will it be released?

Currently unknown.

Is there a trailer or teaser available?

Not yet! Stay tuned.

Lock Every Door Movie Development Timeline

July 2, 2019 Lock Every Door (novel) is released.

July 2, 2019 Paramount announces that it is developing Lock Every Door as a television series.

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