Wine and Book Pairings: 2018 Summer Reads

It’s the first week of summer, so of course that means there’s a bunch of new books out, fresh off the presses.

And since book lovers tend to be wine lovers as well (myself included), I thought it would be useful to give some book and wine pairing recommendations. So, cheers and be sure to read and drink responsibly!

The Perfect Couple and Sauvignon Blanc

The Perfect Couple by Elin Hilderbrand is a beach-side murder mystery — plus some food, fashion and romance, of course. A light, dry Sauv Blanc will help keep you on your toes, and the crisp flavor will help you stay refreshed.

The Loire Valley Sauvignon Blancs are considered by many to be the best — they also tend to have a smokier flavor, which is perfect to accent the suspense and mystery in the novel’s narrative.

The Mars Room and Shiraz

The Mars Room by Rachel Kushner is a book that pulls no punches. It’s a darkly comic book about a mother sentenced to a life in prison. You’ll want the intense, dark flavors of a Shiraz to complement this book. The spicy kick of the wine goes perfectly with this novel’s gritty black humor.

Of course, not all Shiraz are the same, the Barossa Shiraz is a rampaging and bold varietal that hails from Australia that’ll help give the book an extra kick. Alternatively, you could try the French variety (referred to as a Syrah, but it’s the same grape) — a nice Cote du Rhone Syrah will be dense and extra spicy, perfect for a night in with this book.

The Kiss Quotient and Rose

The Kiss Quotient by Helen Hoang features a romance between a brilliant but autistic statistician and the male prostitute she hires to teach her about love. It’s a sexy and fun summer read that pairs perfectly with the cheery attitude of a nice rose.

Rose is a fruity and often bubbly wine, and if you pick a grenache-based rose, it’ll most likely have a refreshing citrus-y kick that’s great for those summer vibes.

Circe and Cabernet Sauvignon

Circe by Madeline Miller is a complex and enchanting retelling of the story of Circe, a goddess known for her role in ensnaring Odysseus and his men during their epic journey home. To revisit these familiar Greek characters, what better than the dependable Cabernet Sauvignon? In fact, this grape was originally cultivated in the Metsovo region of Greece.

To be honest, I love a good Cabernet. It’s a hardy grape which makes for consistently good wine so you can pluck most bottles off the shelves and be treated to a delicious wine; more delicate grapes like the notoriously finicky Pinot Noir tend to have more varied results. Plus, the full-bodied flavor is perfect for this complex and epic story.

Any plans to read these books or any thoughts on other good wine pairings? Hope you enjoyed this as much as I enjoyed writing it! Cheers!

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