The Unhoneymooners Movie: What We Know

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The Unhoneymooners by Christina Lauren has a movie adaptation in the works. For all the details about the upcoming jump to big screen for this book, here’s what we know about The Unhoneymooners movie:

What’s it about? What’s the plot?

The Unhoneymooners “tells the story of Olive Torres and her nemesis Ethan Thomas, who are the only people not affected when Olive’s sister’s entire wedding party gets food poisoning. Suddenly there’s a free honeymoon up for grabs, and Olive will be damned if Ethan gets to enjoy paradise solo. Agreeing to a temporary truce, the pair head for Maui to assume the role of loving newlyweds.”

The Unhoneymooners was originallly published in May 2019.

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What format will it be? Will The Unhoneymooners adaptation be a Movie or a Series?

It’s planned as a feature movie.

Who’s behind it?

BCDF Pictures owns the rights to The Unhoneymooners and are developing the adaptation.

Joseph Muszynski is the screenwriter attached to the project and appears to have completed some version of the script as of July 2021.

From author Christina Lauren: “We are thrilled to be working with BCDF Pictures on the adaptation of The Unhoneymooners, and completely obsessed with the hilarious script. We cannot wait for new and longtime fans of the book to experience it on screen. Olive and Ethan couldn’t be in better hands!”

What’s the status of The Unhoneymooners adaptation?

The adaptation appears to be actively in development. It appears some version of the script was completed as of July 2021.

Who’s in the cast?

No casting details have been released yet.

See the full cast (when available) on IMDB.

When will it be released?

Currently unknown.

Is there a trailer or teaser available?

Not yet! Stay tuned.

The Unhoneymooners Movie Development Timeline

May 14, 2019 The Unhoneymooners (novel) is released.

June 30, 2021 BCDF Pictures Picks Up NY Times Romantic Comedy Bestseller ‘The Unhoneymooners’

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