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See below for an explanation of the ending and other questions about The Coworker by Freida McFadden. If you have other questions that aren't already covered here, feel free to drop a comment!

Where can I find a full plot summary for The Coworker?

Right here! You can find a quick recap and a lengthier version of the summary over here.

What’s the ending of The Coworker? How does The Coworker end?

Natalie is arrested for Dawn’s murder on the same day as the annual 5K race she organizes.

It’s revealed that Dawn is alive and conspired with Natalie’s boyfriend Caleb to frame Natalie for her death. The dead body the police found was not Dawn’s body. Dawn’s e-mail history was faked to incriminate Natalie. Dawn was friends with Mia from high school, and Natalie and her friend Tara bullied her until she killed herself. Caleb was Mia’s half-brother so he dated Natalie just to help incriminate her.

Seth realizes that Natalie is innocent of the embezzling accusations since no money is missing. Seth and Natalie are able to unravel Dawn and Caleb’s plan. Caleb admits to it when he realizes Dawn is planning on killing herself to ensure that Natalie goes to prison for life, and they all stop Dawn.

In the end and Epilogue, we learn that Natalie did embezzle money, but replaced the funds by skimming money from the 5K race. Natalie also finds out that the dead body the police found was Tara’s body, and Dawn likely killed her. She doesn’t say anything because Dawn has kept quiet about Natalie embezzling funds, and the two women have an unspoken agreement to keep each other’s secrets.

Why does Dawn kill Tara?

Tara and Natalie both bullied Amelia in high school, though Natalie was the ringleader. Dawn wanted revenge on both of them. She doesn’t tell Caleb about it because he is less blood-thirsty than she is and he wouldn’t understand.

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