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Some news: The Book Blog Directory is open for submissions! It’s a searchable, sortable and editable directory for book blogs (plus more features, see below) that auto-removes dead links.

This took a little bit of time to get together, but I put this together because I thought it might be useful. There’s a lot of great directories out there and the people running them really deserve some thanks, but it seems like having some filters and more features is something that might be helpful for authors looking to plan their own book tours or bloggers looking for people to connect with.

Current Features

  • Editable. Go back and edit/update your information if anything changes!
  • Sortable. Sort by any column of data.
  • Searchable. Instant search results.
  • Social Media Connections. List all your social media platforms.

Other stuff: You can also identify if you are a diverse blogger, whether you review indie books, if you participate in blog tours, what geographic area you’re from, and more. This can help people and publishers find your blog, or you can use it to find similar blogs as well.

Features Planned

  • Export. I’m looking into an export to Excel (or other spreadsheet) function.
  • Password Reset. Right now, there’s no way to reset your password if you forget it. I’m planning on adding this eventually, but for now please try not to lose your password so you can go back and edit your listing!

List Your Site and Share Your Thoughts!

I’m hoping people will make use of it, and I’m definitely open to any feedback about the directory. Tell me what feature you’d like to see in the comments. I’d love to make it something that really helps the book blogging community, so please share with anyone else who may want to be listed. Thanks for reading, and please be sure to list your book blog!

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