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The Quick Recap and Chapter-by-Chapter Summary for Happy Place by Emily Henry are below.

Quick(-ish) Recap

The two-paragraph version: a group of college friends - Harriet, Sabrina, Cleo, Kimmy, Parth and Wynn - meet up at a vacation home in Maine for the week, and Sabrina and Parth announce that they're having a small wedding at the end of the week. Harriet and Wynn have recently broken their engagement and the others don't know. They decide to wait until after the wedding to prevent derailing the week and the wedding. Harriet is still in love with Wyn, but they have been long distance since he decided to move home to Montana to care for his mother. He is also happier there. After a week of struggling with their feelings, Harriet and Wyn finally address how they broke up because even though they have strong feelings for each other and love each other, Wyn is happier in Montana, and Harriet needs to finish her residency in California.

Meanwhile, Sabrina gets in a fight with the group because she feels like they are growing apart and she's the only one keeping them together. In her despondent state, she also walks out on Parth. Additionally, Sabrina already knew about Harriet's breakup, and she accuses Harriet of being apathetic about their friendship and her relationship with Wyn. Harriet realizes she never "learned how to fight" and that she does want to fight for her relationship with Wyn. Harriet and Wyn talk out some things, and Harriet says she's doesn't like being a doctor. She dislikes never having energy for anything else and mainly did it for her parents. She offers to move to Montana. However, Wyn tells her that she needs to figure out what she wants because just following him around wouldn't be enough for her. Sabrina makes up with the group, with them reminding her that conflict doesn't mean they can't resolve things and won't be in each others' lives forever. They remind her that just because her parents let her down all the time, doesn't mean that others like Parth will and that he's there to stay. Sabrina and Parth get married. Harriet is about to board the flight home, but realizes that Wyn is wrong and just scared -- she's not unsure at all about what she wants. She finds Wyn, and they agree to go home to Montana together.

In Chapters 1-10, a group of college friends - Harriet, Sabrina, Cleo, Kimmy, Parth and Wynn - get together at a vacation home in Maine for the week. The problem is, Harriet and Wyn have broken their engagement, and they haven't told the rest of the group yet. Before they can get everyone else up to date, Sabrina and Parth announce that they're engaged and having the wedding here at the end of the week. When Sabrina talks about how nervous she is about marriage and what an inspiration she considers Harriet and Wynn's relationship to be, the two of them agree that announcing their breakup could risk derailing the weekend and the wedding. The group has also been coming up to Sabrina's family's vacation home during the summer since they met, but the house is being sold so this is will be their final trip to the house.

Meanwhile, the book traces back through the beginnings of their friendship. Harriet, Sabrina and Cleo were assigned as roommates, and Sabrina met Parth in a pre-law course. When Parth's roommates moved out, the three women moved in. Then, when Harriet left to study abroad, Wyn was returning from studying abroad and replaced Harriet. Wyn and Harriet meet that summer and there's romantic tension.

When the school year resumes, Parth has now graduated and has gone off to law school at Fordham in NYC. Wyn has to stay in college an extra year after failing to meet the graduation requirements. So, he and the three women all move into a new apartment together. Harriet's feelings for Wyn deepen, though still nothing happens between them.

In Chapters 11-21, in present day, Tuesday afternoon, Harriet and Wyn get locked in the wine cellar together by accident. She asks him if he's seeing anyone but he gets upset at the question, referencing her own relationship with someone else. Things are tense with them that night as they sort of revenge-flirt with one another until they agree to a truce. On Wednesday, the group goes to see a double-feature, gets high and rides a Ferris Wheel at the town's annual Lobster Fest. Afterwards, they go home and run into the pool and Harriet and Wyn kiss. They go back to their room and start to take things further, but Wyn stops it, saying he doesn't want to hurt her.

Meanwhile, the book continues to flash back to reveal their history. The summer before graduation, Harriet and Wyn share a kiss in the wine cellar at the house. They proceed to secretly hook up. The four of them all move to New York - Harriet and Sabrina for med school and law school at Columbia, respectively, Cleo joins an urban farm in NYC, and Wyn moves as well. All five of them share an apartment together. Harriet and Wyn's hookup continues. After a few months, they go on a date, exchange "I love you"s and announce their relationship to the group. Ten months in, she meets his family in Montana and falls in love with them, too. When Cleo moves to Brazil, Wyn and Harriet move into an apartment together. Harriet is blissfully happy. Wyn proposes.

Chapters 22-29. In present day, on Thursday, there is some tension between Sabrina and Cleo. Sabrina had wanted to visit her farm last month, but Cleo had cancelled the visit, saying they were too busy. Sabrina brings it up again, still wanting an invite, and Cleo is getting increasingly irritated.

Meanwhile, in more flashbacks, after the proposal, Harriet and Wyn travel to Indiana to tell her family. The visit is stilted, and her parents are cold, as usual. Her mom disapproves of the marriage, saying that he doesn't seem right for Harriet, who is training to be a brain surgeon. She thinks Wyn is someone who seems like he will move back to his hometown and just want to focus on raising a family. Afterwards, Harriet suggest holding off on the wedding and when residency starts she knows it'll have to wait until after that's over.

Then, Wyn's father dies. Wyn is plunged into a dark place and doesn't want to talk about it. Harriet is very busy with work. Then, Wyn's mother is diagnosed with Parkinson's. They go to see her for a few days, and Wyn seems happy for the first time in a while. When Harriet heads back, Wyn decides to stick around for a month, but after a month that gets extended as well. Harriet is busy, and she becomes close to some fellow residents. There are some missed phone calls when Wyn calls. Finally one night one of Harriet's friends, Martin, tries to kiss her. She stops it and immediately tells Wyn, but he responds by saying that their relationship isn't working. He breaks up with her over the phone and sends her stuff back two days later.

In present day, on Friday, Harriet and Wyn find a bakery to pick up a cake for the wedding. Harriet asks Wyn about a text she saw accidentally and it turns out he's been building and selling high end furniture very successfully. She tells him how proud of him he is. That night, Harriet finally asks Wyn about their breakup. He says initially he was depressed, felt like he wasn't good enough for her and all her brilliant friends and felt like she didn't care when she was too busy for him and started missing his phone calls. Now, he's on medication and happy at home and he's feeling better. He understands now that she does care and love him, and that he still has feelings for her and loves her -- but it still doesn't change anything. He's finally happy in Montana. She needs to be in California for the next few years and that's what right for her.

Chapters 32 - 40. Friday night, Sabrina wants to get matching tattoos to commemorate their final trip to the house. These summer trips with her family had been the bright spot in her lonely childhood with her neglectful parents. Now, the house is being sold and she's watching her friend group grow apart. She wants the tattoo as a reminder and to keep them bonded. Harriet tells her no and finally explains that she and Wyn have broken up and she doesn't want matching tattoos with him. Sabrina reveals that she already knew they were broken up (Parth figured it out a few weeks ago due to seeing their message history on Wyn's phone) -- and that she's been trying to help them get back together. Harriet is furious because this week has been torture for her. Sabrina in turn accuses Harriet of being apathetic about their friendship and her relationship with Wyn. Cleo also feels Sabrina has forced this week on them, and they part angrily.

That night, Harriet realizes that Sabrina is right about her not fighting for what she wants. She never learned how to fight. By trying to avoid conflict all the time, she's also pushed people away. Harriet goes to Wyn to tell him she wants to fight and figure things out and that she doesn't want him to leave. They have sex. The next morning, they talk out some things, and Harriet says she's doesn't like being a doctor. She dislikes never having energy for anything else and mainly did it for her parents. She offers to move to Montana. However, Wyn tells her that she shouldn't do that. Instead, she needs to figure out what she wants because just following him around wouldn't be enough for her.

Cleo tells Harriet that she's pregnant, and she's been busy with baby stuff which is why she didn't have the capacity to host Sabrina. Harriet encourages her to tell Sabrina, but when they go looking for her, Parth tells them that he and Sabrina got into a fight and she left. They search for Sabrina and find her at the chapel where her parents once got married. Sabrina makes up with the group, with them reminding her that conflict doesn't mean they can't resolve things and won't be in each others' lives forever. They remind her that just because her parents let her down all the time, doesn't mean that others like Parth will and that he's there to stay. Sabrina and Parth get married.

Harriet is about to board the flight home, but realizes that Wyn is wrong and just scared -- she's not unsure at all about what she wants. She's about to leave the airport, but Wyn shows up looking for her. They talk and agree to go home to Montana together. The book ends with them having their Save the Date pinned on the fridge, and Harriet being happy and ready to figure out what's in store for her.

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Chapter-by-Chapter Summary

Chapter 1


At a summer home in Knott’s Harbor, Harriet Kilpatrick relaxes with her girlfriends from Mattingly College. She, Sabrina Armas and Cleo were matched up by the housing system. Sabrina is a “born-and-raised Manhattan heiress”, while Cleo is a painter and her parents are a well known music producer and famous essayist. Harriet’s parents are a teacher and a receptionist. They were a happy, joyful and loving group of friends.

It was the happiest Harriet had ever been, until she met Wyndham “Wynn” Connor.

Chapter 2


After a bumpy flight, the small plane lands, and Harriet, a brain surgeon two years into her residency, is excited to see her college friends again, people she only sees infrequently now that they all live in different places. Sabrina, a lawyer, shows up to pick her up from the parking lot, and they drive to Sabrina’s family’s summer home where they’ll all be gathering that week. Cleo and her girlfriendKimberly “Kimmy” Carmichael are already there. They run a farm together. Sabrina’s boyfriend Parth Nayak, also a lawyer, is there, too.

As they enter the kitchen, Harriet is surprised to see Wynn there.

Chapter 3


Harriet and Wynn were previously engaged but her friends don’t know that they broke up. Also, he wasn’t supposed to be here. Before Harriet can say more, Sabrina informs the group that her family is planning on selling the house next month. The group is sad about this being their last get-together in a place where they’ve shared so many important memories.

Then, Sabrina and Parth announce their engagement. As everyone ooos and ahhhs over the ring, Sabrina talks about how inspiring it is that Harriet and Wynn have made it work despite being long distance. Also the wedding is talking place here at the end of this week.

With that Harriet is very aware of how she and Wynn are both “trapped” here since neither of them are going to be able to leave if the plan is to attend the wedding.

Chapter 4


Harriet thinks back to how they met Parth and Wynn. Sabrina had taken an international law class with him, and he’d told her he needed new roommates. So, the three of them had agreed to replace his previous roommates who had graduated or were studying abroad. Parth was known for throwing great parties, but he’s also kind and positive.

Harriet was only there for one semester. In the Spring, she left to study abroad in London while the roommate who was studying abroad returned to swap places with her. This turned out to be Wynn, who she met finally when summer rolled around, she returned and went to Maine to vacation at Sabrina’s summer house. He was sent to pick her up and drive her back.

On the car ride, they flirt gently, though he mentions that he has rules about not dating friends since things can get messy that way. Harriet also knows Sabrina has a crush on him. Still, the romantic tension is clearly there.

Chapter 5


In present day, Sabrina lets them know that Cleo and Kimmy offered to take the room with two twin beds, so Wynn and Harriet are in the big bedroom with one bed.

When they’re finally alone, Wynn explains that Sabrina had given him a hard time about not coming because it was going to be their last vacation there. He tried to reach out to Harriet to let her know and left a voicemail. Harriet thinks about how she blocked his number so she never got the voicemail.

They talk about what to do, and agree that they should let Sabrina and Parth’s engagement be the focus for tonight, and then they can tell the group that they’ve split up tomorrow. Harriet thinks about how hurt she’d been when he’d broken things off with her and sent her things back. She’d been in denial and had told him she wanted to wait to tell them together. Later, he’d also wanted to wait to tell people since he knew his mother would be upset if she found out.

Harriet lives in San Francisco. Wynn has been living in Montana, running the family furniture repair business and helping to take care of his mother. The arrangement was originally supposed to be temporary, just until Wynn’s younger sister finished grad school and moved home.

Now, they talk about guidelines on how to behave until they tell their friends the truth.

Chapter 6


In their bedroom, the bathroom’s tub and glass shower are both out in the open, which worries Harriet. Meanwhile, Sabrina has an elaborate week planned out for them with a detailed personal itinerary for each person.

They all go for a swim and Parth talks about how he’d been asking Sabrina to marry him for a year, but she didn’t agree to it for a long time. Finally a month and a half ago, Sabrina planned her own elaborate proposal with a scavenger hunt and asked him to marry her and he said yes. Sabrina had explained to him that she’s always known it was him but it was hard for her to believe it was possible it could work because of her parents’ divorce.

When Harriet runs to the bathroom, Wynn follows her and comes in after her to talk. He says that they can’t tell everyone they broke up tomorrow. Sabrina’s already nervous about marriage and keeps talking about how Harriet and Wynn are an inspiration to her. He’s worried they’re going to derail the week and the wedding. Harriet suggests that Wynn talk to Parth and decide based on how that goes how to proceed. In the meantime, Wynn slips the engagement ring back on her finger.

Chapter 7


Harriet thinks back to that Maine getaway where she first met Wynn. She continued to feel an attraction to him after meeting him. One day, he comes and ask her why she’s always cleaning when he’s around, and she says it relaxes her when she’s anxious. He gently teases her about being anxious around him, but later he also admits that she makes him a little nervous. They talk about their respective parents and recent relationships. He lets her know he’s not interested in Sabrina.

Chapter 8


Tuesday morning, Harriet wakes up in a blind panic when she sees that she’s wearing Wynn’s shirt and assumes that they slept together. Wynn corrects her saying she was doing body shots and threw up on her own shirt and he eventually had to carry her back to the room where they most definitely did not sleep together.

Their conversation is interrupted by Kimmy excitedly reminding everyone that it’s time for “Grocery Gladiators” — a competitive grocery-shopping game they like to play.

Chapter 9


At the grocery store, Kimmy’s team (her, Parth and Wynn) are going as fast as possible, while the other team (Harriet, Sabrina and Cleo) are taking their sweet time. They’ve already each drawn from a bowl the items their team is assigned to locate. Harriet’s team chats about how Kimmy is managing to have that much energy despite drinking so much the night before. Cleo comments that she made her drink a bunch of water before bed and muses that she’s surprised Wynn didn’t do the same for Harriet.

Afterwards, they head to a bookstore. When Cleo and Harriet are alone, they talk about Sabrina’s upcoming nuptials. Cleo feels like there’s been something off about Sabrina lately. Last month, Sabrina and Parth had wanted to visit Cleo and Kimmy, but Cleo had to decline since things were too busy. Cleo says Sabrina still seems upset about it.

Cleo also says things are still really busy for them. Originally, she and Kimmy were going to leave this trip early, but with Sabrina planning the wedding for the end of the week now they can’t and are scrambling.

After everyone checks out, Wyn tells Harriett that he talked to Parth last night, and he thinks they should wait until the week is over to tell everyone about their broken engagement. Harriet also notices that Wyn has purchased a coffee-table book, which is completely unlike him. He’s never been one to spend money and certainly not on something like that. She also thinks about all the texting Wyn seems to be doing and wonders if he is seeing someone.

Chapter 10


Harriet thinks back to their senior year. Parth was a year above them, so he has graduated and is off at Fordham in New York for law school. Wyn was Parth’s year but failed to meet his graduation requirements so he needs another year to finish things up. So, Wyn is now living with Harriet, Cleo and Sabrina in their new apartment. Harriet finds herself giving her heart to Wyn, though she tries not to.

As they make plans for after graduation, Harriet and Sabrina get into Columbia’s med school and law schools. Meanwhile, Cleo decides to forego the MFA program she was originally planning on enrolling in and is going to be working at an urban farm in NYC. Wyn was already planning on living in New York, working at a bookstore and doing furniture repair. So, the four plan to be living together again after graduation.

Chapter 11


Next on the itinerary is a picnic at Acadia National Park. As they get ready to leave, Sabrina asks someone to fetch a specific bottle of wine from the wine cellar. Harriet goes to look for it, and Wyn joins her shortly after, but neither of them can locate it. Then, they realize the door locks automatically and that they’re trapped in the wine cellar. Neither of them brought their phones with them, and the plan was to take two cars, so the four of them could potentially all have left without them already. There’s a panel on the wall that could open the door, but they don’t know the code.

Harriet asks Wyn about the coffee table book that he bought, but Wyn is feeling claustrophobic and freaking out a little. Harriet tries to calm him down. She reminds him of the time they all played sardines at the house to try to get his mind off of the situation. She talks about how that was the first time they kissed. When he’s calm, she asks him about the coffee table book again and if he’s dating someone, but he gets upset. He hints that he thinks Harriet has her own “other person” to worry about. Their conversation is interrupted by Sabrina, who has come looking for them.

Chapter 12


For dinner, Harriet puts on a sexy, red “Getting Back Out There” dress, also known as her “Vengeance” dress”.

They head to the same restaurant they’d gone to the very first time they’d vacationed out here. At the time, Harriet had been preoccupied with a guy named Byrant that wasn’t going well. She’d felt sad and lonely, but Sabrina and Cleo had been there for her and she never really felt lonely like that again.

In present day, Cleo is starting to pick up on the fact that something is off with Harriet. Harriet finally tells Cleo that she and Wyn had a fight, relieved to be able to share a tiny portion of something resembling the truth. Over dinner, Cleo talks about how things are going well at the farm and their co-op is maxed out, so demand is good. They also talk about how Kimmy fit in so easily with their group from the very beginning.

Harriet flirts with Wyn, but in more of a vindictive way. As they all start to drink, Wyn pulls Harriet aside.

Chapter 13


Privately, they briefly talk about how each of them is sort of vindictive-angry-flirting with one another, but nothing is resolved. It continues as the night goes on. Finally at the end of the night, they agree to a truce.

Chapter 14


Harriet thinks back to the time following graduation. Over the summer, Harriet and Wyn had shared their first kiss in the cellar, and they’d proceeded to continue secretly seeing each other. Then, they’d all proceeded to move into an NYC apartment together as planned. Harriet and Wynn’s hookups ramp up.

After months of this, they go on a date. He admits to her he’s scared that people like him more until they get to know him and find out that he’s a little boring. She tells him that she disagrees and that he’s not boring. They exchange “I love yous”, and they finally tell their friends about their relationship.

Chapter 15


Wednesday morning, Sabrina bounds in to let Wyn and Harriet know that they are late for breakfast. They groggily awake and eventually head out the door to Bernadette’s, a greasy diner, where they sit outside on the patio. They talk about the upcoming wedding, and Sabrina says it’ll just be the six of them, plus a minister. They’ll do a bigger wedding next year, but not now.

The sound of thunder makes Sabrina suddenly become sullen when she realizes they won’t be able to go sailing. Harriet suggests that instead of focusing on everything going exactly as planned, they should each choose one activity they really want to do and make it happen. If they all do their activities then, they can consider the week a success. They agree to keep their goals secret until after they meet it.

Chapter 16


With their sailing plans derailed, the group decides to go to the Roxy theater to watch a double feature, Salem’s Lot and Return to Salem’s Lot.

Watching the movie, Harriet has the feeling of being too close to Wyn. She feels the heat between them but her mind also shifts to their quick 4-minute breakup and the ways he let her down. And then to other things. She gets up to go to the bathroom.

Chapter 17


Harriet recalls going to Montana to meet Wyn’s parents, Gloria and Hank, and sisters, Lou and Michael, ten months into their relationship. They are warm and inviting. He’s from a small town and Harriet learns that he was prom king, though he’s dismissive of it. They stay for four days and she falls in love with him all over again and with his family. Wyn is very happy at home, and they have a wonderful time together.

Chapter 18


When she finishes up in the bathroom, she runs into Wyn. They chat and Harriet asks about how Wyn’s family is doing, though his mom is still not doing great. Harriet is still in touch with his mom who also doesn’t know they’ve broken up.

Wyn tells her that he realized something yesterday, which is that the thing that happened with this other guy is not why they broke up. He says that he was just in a dark place and “didn’t know how to fix it”. She tells him that she’s not with that guy. Wyn also tells her he’s not seeing anyone.

Harriet thinks about how Wyn has always been fond of being home. He tells her how he didn’t realize how happy he would be just living at home and being with his family.

Chapter 19


Jn the theater they eat weed gummies. After the movies, the rain has stopped and people are in the streets for the first night of the annual Lobster Fest. High and hungry, they walk around enjoying the festivities. The group goes to ride the Ferris wheel and memories
pop up in Harriet’s head. Like the night be proposed, when his dad passed away, when they broke up. He asks to see photos from the pottery class she’s been taking. There’s one she named Hank after his dad, and he asks if he can give it to his mom.

As the ride ends, Cleo and Kimmy are high and getting rowdy. One of them throws a bra at Harriet.

When they get back, the group has a sudden urge to jump in the pool. In the water with Wyn, she tips her face up to kiss him.

Chapter 20


Wyn kisses her back, and then it’s a tangle of hands. After the swim, they head back to the room and start to take things further, but then he stops it. He says he doesn’t want to hurt her more.

Chapter 21


Harriet thinks back to her and Wym’s first apartment in New York. A few weeks ago, Cleo had announced she was going to go work at an organic farm in Belize. As a result, the gang lets the lease end. Unable to find an appropriate apartment for four, and they split up.

Parth and Sabrina visit to help “christen” their new apartment. Harriet is happy living with Wynn. Happier than she’s ever been, and he proposes. She says yes, and he gives her a ring. That summer in Maine, the group throws them an engagement party.

Chapter 22


On Thursday, they go sailing. Sabrina brings up again the aborted visit to Cleo and Kimmy’s farm, and yet again they don’t attempt to extend another invitation. Both parties are getting irritated.

Chapter 23


Wyn and Harriet go to visit her parents and sister in Indiana. They greet Wyn stiffly, and the conversation at dinner is stilted. Her parents don’t seem to recall anything she told them about him. Later, when they’re alone, Harriet asks mom what she thinks of Wyn. Her mom tells her that Wyn seems sweet, but isn’t the type of person she saw her ending up with. Her mom says that he seems like the type of guy who just wants to move home and have children.

Instead of things like macaroni art and childhood photos, Harriet’s parents display her degree with a an empty frame waiting for her med school degree. She describes the tense atmosphere in the house as a child and the constant reminder of things her parents sacrificed for them.

That night, Wyn reaffirms his love for her, telling her that she makes everything better for him.

Chapter 24


Sabrina continues to be upset over that morning’s tension, but the others reminisce about their past trips. They spend the day hiking and sailing and hanging out be the shore. When it starts to get late, they get back on the boat to sail back.

When the topic of weddings come up, Sabrina mentions that a tiny wedding was how her parents got married. They weren’t married when Sabrina’s mother got pregnant. Instead, they married when she was four. They were here vacationing and drove down the coast to a small chapel. However, they divorced three years after, and her father took up with a Norwegian model. Her mother used her as a support system until she started dating as well.

From what Harriet knows, Sabria’s summers here in Knott’s Harbor “were the lone bright spot in a lonely childhood, the only place either of her parents truly had time for her.”

The group then asks Wyn and Harriet about their own wedding plans, and Wyn says he would’ve been fine getting married at a courthouse or a drive though chapel in Vegas, but that’s not what Harriet wants. Harriet thinks to herself that she only wants him.

Chapter 25


Thursday night is Taco Thursday. Harriet goes up to change and accidentally sees a message on Wyn’s phone from his mom saying: “The longer you wait, the worse it will be. You have to tell her, Wynnie” and her mind searches for what this might be referring to.

Chapter 26


After her mom’s comments, Harriet holds off on planning the wedding, hoping her mother would see that she was wrong and that she’d have her support. When she finished med school, they planned to do it after her residency because of how busy she’d be.

Then one morning, Wyn’s father Hank passes away.

Chapter 27


When Friday rolls around, Harriet suggests to Sabrina that they should make some preparations for the wedding tomorrow so it’s more of a “proper” wedding, like finding a photographer and cake. Sabrina suggests a mini bachelor/bachelorette party, etc. They give each other two hours for everyone to do what they can to make these things happen.

Wyn and Harriet go to sort out the cake, but the local bakery only offers Happy Birthday cakes. Wyn tells her to inscribe “Happy birthday, wicked pissah” as an inside joke on the cake.

As they head back, Wyn points out that Harriet is pulling away from him. When she protests, they end up kissing until she demands to know what the text message his mom sent was about.

Reluctantly, he shows her that he’s been making high end furniture, like a massive oak table that he sold for $15,000. He says he’s been getting a steady stream of requests. Then he tells her that back in San Francisco, when he said that he was doing an upholstery job, he was actually doing an apprenticeship. He was embarrassed to tell her in case it went poorly.

She tells him how proud she is of him. He offers to make her a table. She asks why his mother was worried, and he says that it’s because she doesn’t realize they’re broken up and his mother thinks that Harriet is waiting for him to go back.

Chapter 28


After his father’s death, Wyn is not eating or sleeping well, so Harriet suggests postponing the wedding. Months pass and Wyn seems to continue falling apart. Meanwhile, Harriet is working long hours doing her residency and the two of them have little time together.

Harriet knows something is wrong, but Wyn evades telling her any specifics. Then, Wyn’s mother gets diagnosed with Parkinson’s. Harriet and Wyn go to Montana to see her, and Wyn seems alive again being home around his family. Harriet goes back after the weekend, but Wyn decides to stick around for a month. The day before his scheduled return, his mother breaks her wrist, so his trip gets extended again.

Harriet continues to be busy with work and making new friends she’s made from the hospital – Martin, Grace, and Taye. She misses some of Wyn’s calls. He visits her over the holidays, but then he leaves again.

One night, Martin drives her home. When she gives him a hug, he kisses her. She’s too shocked at first to react, but then she pushes him away. Harriet calls Wyn immediately after to confess what happened, and Wyn responds that their relationship “isn’t working anymore”. The call is short and two days later she receives a box of her stuff in the mail.

Chapter 29


Harriet thinks about how she never got concrete answers about why Wyn broke up with her. It’s been months and she hasn’t been able to let go. She goes to find him outside and admits that their breakup is killing her and she doesn’t understand how he’s so happy without her.

He tells her that it he was just in a dark place and feeling lost and feeling not good enough. He says she also didn’t seem like she cared about him when she went off with her friends and it felt right to him that she should go be with other smart people and he should stop fighting the life that makes sense for him. He didn’t want to drag her into a life she didn’t want. He ended it quickly because he was scared of changing his mind. He says he’s been depressed and he’s taking medicine for it.

He says he’s feeling better now and feels like he has more room to love her, but he also feels like everything is the same in that she’d he happier living a different life than his. He says he goes back and forth between wanting to be with her even though it won’t change anything and wanting to let her go because he doesn’t want to hurt her.

They both talk about how they still feel like they belong to each other, but Harriet thinks to herself that “But does it even matter that we belong to each other when we can’t be with each other? Our lives are immovably separate.” Wyn is happy in Montana, and Harriet has years left in California before she’s done with residency.

Things get physical, but they don’t have a condom so he performs oral sex on her instead.

Chapter 30


That night, Sabrina takes them to a tattoo parlor. She wants to get a group tattoo. However, the group gently tells her they don’t want to. As they continue to push back, Sabrina gets upset. She feels like her family is getting rid of the one place that made her happy and their friend group is growing apart. She says Cleo won’t find time to let her visit and Harriet is too busy to call her back.

Finally, Harriet decides she needs to come clean. She says that she doesn’t want to get a matching tattoo with Wyn since they’ve broken up and she doesn’t want the constant reminder.

Sabrina doesn’t seem shocked, instead she says she thought they were back together and were working things out.

Chapter 31


It turns out Parth figured out weeks ago that they had broken up when he saw Wyn’s phone and the two clearly hadn’t been communicating for months, and he told Sabrina.

Suddenly it occurs to Harriet that Sabrina engineered this to get them back together and she’s angry. Sabrina says she was trying to help, but Harriet says that this week has been torture. Sabrina accuses her of not being willing to fight for what she wants.

Cleo also says that she was to busy for this but Sabrina manipulated them into it. Sabrina responds that if she left everyone to their own devices then they’d never see each other and just grow apart. Cleo starts saying that things are different now and Sabrina should stop trying to relive the “glory days”. Harriet can see how upset Sabrina is when Cleo says that. She tells Cleo to leave if she wants to.

Cleo decides she and Kimmy are going to stay in the guesthouse for the night to get some space.

Chapter 32


Afterwards, Harriet feels defeated. She feels like she hasn’t been good enough – as a friend to Sabrina and Cleo, as a the brilliant doctor her parents want her to be, as a partner to Wyn. She thinks about what Sabrina said about not being willing to fight for what she wants.

Harriet tells Wyn that she doesn’t want him to leave. She wants him to stay and she wants them to argue and figure things out. He says it seemed like she didn’t care about the wedding and Harriet tells him she just didn’t want to push him when it was clear he was grieving.

She tells him that she doesn’t like he’s hurt and doesn’t tell her so she has to guess at what he’s thinking instead. They talk more and have sex that night.

Chapter 33


On Saturday, Harriet wakes up while Wyn is still sleeping. She goes into the village and runs into Cleo and Kimmy. Harriet apologies for not telling them about the breakup. Cleo tells her she understand why she didn’t, she was in denial and didn’t want to make it real.

Cleo then says that she’s pregnant. She hasn’t wanted to host Sabrina at the farm since they are really busy dealing with baby-related craziness. Harriet reassures her that when she tells Sabrina, that she will understand.

Chapter 34


Before she heads back, Harriet picks up some matching T-shirts and aviators for Sabrina as a peace offering. Then, Harriet recalls that Sabrina had written in a “personalized surprise” on her itinerary for 9AM at a location nearby. She goes and sees it’s a pottery class. She thinks of how hard Sabrina works to keep their group together and how thoughtful she is.

Wyn soon shows up looking for her. He joins her in pottery making. As they’re doing it, Harriet tells them that she doesn’t like being a doctor. Wyn asks her why she never said anything about it before to him. Harriet says that she was ashamed since he’d followed her across the country so she could pursue this.

Then she suggests going to Montana, but he pushes back saying that she can’t just what other people want her to and that she wouldn’t be happy just following him around.

Chapter 35


They go back to the house and everything is quiet. Parth tells them that he and Sabrina got into a fight and she stalked off. He tells them that he’s been waiting for her to back out and thinks that she mostly agreed to it because she wanted an anchor when she felt like the other parts of her life were splintering apart.

Harriet tells Parth that Sabrina is just scared. Unlike the others, in Harriet and Sabrina’s homes, disagreements didn’t get resolved. It just meant someone left and didn’t come back or resulted in divorce or got calloused over.

The group splits up to go looking for Sabrina. After checking everywhere, Harriet has the idea to go to the chapel where Sabrina’s parents got married. They find Sabrina there. Sabrina says she scared of what’s going to happen to their friendship if Harriet and Wyn break up. She feels like this group is part of their relationship and if Harriet is letting go of him, then she’s going to let go of all of them.

But Harriet tells her it’s not true and that she’ll remain a part of her for life. Cleo then tells Sabrina about her pregnancy.

Before they head back, Sabrina admits to herself that she does really want to marry Parth.

Chapter 36


That Saturday afternoon, Sabrina and Parth get married, with a sunflower bouquet and birthday cake. The photographer takes photos of them hanging around the pool. They drink champagne and cider and have pizza delivered.

Chapter 37


Wyn is sleeping when Harriet wakes up. She knows he would want her to wake him but she doesn’t have it in her to say goodbye. Instead, she heads down and has Sabrina drive her to the airport.

Sitting in the airport she envisions the life they would have in Montana, and it crystalizes for her that she’s sure it’s what she wants. She realizes that Wyn is just scared that it won’t be enough for her and that he doesn’t trust that she will love him forever. But she knows what she wants.

Chapter 38


She begins to leave the airport, but runs into Wyn arriving at the airport. She tells him that he’s right and she shouldn’t do what other people want, but it’s also not up to him to tell her what she wants. She says that she wants to be with him, and she’ll figure out the rest.

Wyn admits that he is scared but he wants to be with her, too. They agree to go home to Montana together.

Chapter 39


Harriet withdraws from her residency program and tells her parents. They are shocked and want to come see her, but she says no. Also, she’s found a job at a pottery studio. She says that working as a doctor doesn’t allow her to have the type of life she wants where she has energy for her friends, to try new things or just to decorate her apartment. She tells them she’s in Montana.

Harriet texts her sister, Eloise. She’s shocked when Eloise mentions that she’s seeing a therapist and that she let her mom deal with her own feelings about it. As they text, Eloise also admits that she’s always resented Harriet because she felt like she was just like her parents.

As time passes, her Dad comes around to the idea, though her mom is tougher. One day they talk and her mom admits that she feels like she gave up everything to be with their father, and she’s terrified Harriet will end up feeling the same way. Harriet says that she is happy, but more importantly she doesn’t feel like she chose this life for Wyn, she feels like she chose it for herself.

Chapter 40


In the final chapter, Harriet is now living in Montana, their Save the Date attached to the fridge. Her mind wanders to the sacrifices her parents made for her, but she also thinks of how she needs to find her own happiness.

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