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Fourth Wing

Questions, Ending & Explanations

See below for an explanation of the ending and other questions about Fourth Wing by Rebecca Yarros. If you have other questions that aren't already covered here, feel free to drop a comment!

Where can I find a full plot summary for Fourth Wing?

Right here! You can find a quick recap and a lengthier version of the summary over here.

What happens at the end of the Fourth Wing?

Violet manages to survive training and bond with not one but two dragons — Tairn, a large black dragon, and Andarna, a small golden adolescent dragon — something that has never happened before. Tairn is mated with Xaden’s dragon Sgaeyl, which creates a bond between Xaden and Violet. As Xaden helps to train and protect Violet, they develop feelings for each other.

It takes a while, but Violet eventually discovers her “signet power” (a power manifested from the bond between the dragon and rider) of wielding lightning. Just before graduation, Violet goes with Xaden and a small group he trusts to complete a mission at an outpost outside the kingdom’s boundaries. Xaden reveals he and his friend have been delivering weapons to help protect Poromiel, their enemies. Navarre has been under attack by gryphon fliers from nearby Poromiel because Poromiel needs resources from Navarre to fight off “venin” — people who have been corrupted by channeling dark magic. Venin absorb the life force and magic from things around them and they are able to and conjure wyvern to fight off dragons. Navarrian authorities have led people to believe Poromiel is simply greedy and war hungry, and they deny the existence of venin.

Xaden figures out that Dain Aetos (Violet’s childhood friend) has secretly been using his power of seeing someone’s recent memories, on Violet without her consent in order to glean information about Xaden’s activities. Violet agrees to join Xaden’s fight as they engage in a deadly battle when venin attack nearby. Violet’s lightning bolts are able to help kill the wyvern and the venin. When Violet recovers, she learns that her brother Brennan (who she believed to have been killed during the rebellion) is alive and part of the revolutionaries.

Where can I find the bonus chapters written in Xaden’s POV (point-of-view)?

They’re available for free on Rebecca Yarros’s website over here.

Does the book end on a cliffhanger?

There’s a major revelation at the end of the last chapter, but I wouldn’t describe it as a cliffhanger. This section of the story fully resolves, and the revelation is something that you know will likely impact the next book in a big way.

Is this book more fantasy or more romance?

The romance plays a large part in the story, but this is definitely a fantasy novel as well. I would say it’s a pretty good balance between the two.

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