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Eat, Pray, Love

By Elizabeth Gilbert, A Three For One Deal

I started this book a year ago and finally got around to finishing it last week. I know it’s very pop-lit-y, but that actually doesn’t bother me. If it gets people to actually read books, I’m happy. In fact, I think elementary schools should encourage kids to read more stuff that’s just fun to read (the same way that gateway drugs work — leads to more serious stuff later) if they want them to grow up to be better readers and better writers, but whatever, that’s not what this post is about. I think I actually commented about this book before in a different post, but whatever.

So yeah, the book is this woman’s memoir about her travels to Italy, India and Indonesia following her divorce. Obviously, it’s not for guys (or intellectuals), but I laughed out loud many times, especially in the beginning (i.e. Italy), which is always a big plus for me. Her spiritual discourse — this is the India part — is actually interesting though it clearly is barely skimming the surface (but I suppose her editor probably wouldn’t have allowed it any other way). I thought the most interesting parts re:cultural differences were in the Indonesia section.

All in all, the book is sort of a mixed bag — kind of like a 3-for-1 deal cause each section is so different. Honestly, there’s not many people that I know that I think I’d recommend this book to, but I think most people could find something to like about it. This probably isn’t the best review I’ve ever written, but oh well. 3-ish stars.

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