50 Best Christmas Romance Books for the Holidays

christmas romance books novels holidays

Reading a Christmas romance novel with a nice cup of mulled wine over holidays is a great way to get into the festive spirit. Or maybe a hot cup of cocoa with marshmallows if that’s more your thing.

This is a list of the Best Christmas Romance Books to Read for the Holiday Season. It covers books published at any time, but with a slight preference for more recently released books. There were so many great titles to choose from, it was really hard to cull the list into something manageable.

Is there anything you’d add? Drop a comment below if so!

P.S. For more holiday fun, see the list of the 50 Best Christmas Mysteries.

Christmas Shopaholic (Shopaholic #9)
Sophie Kinsella

What It's About: ’Tis the season for change and Becky Brandon (née Bloomwood) is embracing it, returning from the States to live in the charming village of Letherby and working with her best friend, Suze, in the gift shop of Suze’s stately home. Life is good, especially now that Becky takes time every day for mindfulness—even if that only means listening to a meditation tape while hunting down online bargains...

Publication Date: October 15, 2019
christmas chick lit holiday

In a Holidaze
Christina Lauren

What It's About: Alternate cover edition can be found here

One Christmas wish, two brothers, and a lifetime of hope are on the line for hapless Maelyn Jones in In a Holidaze, the quintessential holiday romantic novel by Christina Lauren, the New York Times bestselling author of The Unhoneymooners..

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…but not for Maelyn Jones...

Publication Date: October 6, 2020
romance christmas holiday

One Day in December
Josie Silver

What It's About: An alternative cover edition for this ISBN can be found here.

Two people. Ten chances. One unforgettable love story.

Laurie is pretty sure love at first sight doesn't exist anywhere but the movies. But then, through a misted-up bus window one snowy December day, she sees a man who she knows instantly is the one...

Publication Date: October 18, 2018
romance christmas contemporary

Last Christmas in Paris: A Novel of World War I
Hazel Gaynor

What It's About: An unforgettably romantic novel that spans four Christmases (1914-1918), Last Christmas in Paris explores the ruins of war, the strength of love, and the enduring hope of the Christmas season.

New York Times bestselling author Hazel Gaynor has joined with Heather Webb to create this unforgettably romantic novel of the Great War...

Publication Date: October 3, 2017
historical fiction christmas romance

The Gift
Cecelia Ahern

What It's About: Step into the magical world of Cecelia Ahern.

If you could wish for one gift this Christmas, what would it be?

Everyday Lou Suffern battled with the clock. He always had two places to be at the same time. He always had two things to do at once. When asleep he dreamed. In between dreams, he ran through the events of the day while making plans for the next...

Publication Date: February 18, 2024
christmas chick lit romance

Bridget Jones's Diary (Bridget Jones #1)
Helen Fielding

What It's About: Meet Bridget Jones —a 30-something Singleton who is certain she would have all the answers if she could:
a. lose 7 pounds
b. stop smoking
c. develop Inner Poise

"129 lbs. (how is it possible to put on 4 pounds in the middle of the night? Could flesh have somehow solidified becoming denser and heavier? Repulsive, horrifying notion), alcohol units 4 (excellent), cigarettes 21 (poor but will give up totally tomorrow), number of correct lottery numbers 2 (better, but nevertheless useless)...

Publication Date: June 1, 1999
chick lit romance humor

Royal Holiday (The Wedding Date #4)
Jasmine Guillory

What It's About: New York Times bestselling author Jasmine Guillory makes her hardcover debut with a heartwarming Christmas romance.

Vivian Forest has been out of the country a grand total of one time, so when she gets the chance to tag along on her daughter Maddie's work trip to England to style a royal family member, she can't refuse...

Publication Date: October 1, 2019
romance christmas contemporary

Winter's Tale
Mark Helprin

What It's About: New York City is subsumed in arctic winds, dark nights, and white lights, its life unfolds, for it is an extraordinary hive of the imagination, the greatest house ever built, and nothing exists that can check its vitality. One night in winter, Peter Lake, orphan and master-mechanic, attempts to rob a fortress-like mansion on the Upper West Side...

Publication Date: September 20, 1983
fantasy historical fiction magical realism

Let It Snow
Nancy Thayer

What It's About: A Nantucket shopkeeper discovers that Christmas is the perfect occasion to make unexpected friendships . . . to warm the coldest of hearts--and maybe even find love.

Christina Antonioni is preparing for the holidays at her Nantucket toy shop, unpacking last-minute shipments and decorating for her loyal Christmas shoppers...

Publication Date: October 15, 2019
christmas romance holiday

The City Baker's Guide to Country Living
Louise Miller

What It's About: A full-hearted novel about a big-city baker who discovers the true meaning of home—and that sometimes the best things are found when you didn’t even know you were looking

When Olivia Rawlings—pastry chef extraordinaire for an exclusive Boston dinner club—sets not just her flambéed dessert but the entire building alight, she escapes to the most comforting place she can think of—the idyllic town of Guthrie, Vermont, home of Bag Balm, the country’s longest-running contra dance, and her best friend Hannah...

Publication Date: August 9, 2016
romance chick lit contemporary

The Gift: Home for Christmas / All I Want for Christmas
Nora Roberts



After years of world travel, prizewinning reporter Jason Law returned home to New Hampshire. He had carried the memories of Faith Kirkpatrick, the girl he left behind, for ten years --- now he was determined to win back her love...

Publication Date: October 1, 2004
nora roberts romance christmas

Winter Street (Winter #1)
Elin Hilderbrand

What It's About: In bestseller Elin Hilderbrand's first Christmas novel, a family gathers on Nantucket for a holiday filled with surprises.

Kelley Quinn is the owner of Nantucket's Winter Street Inn and the proud father of four, all of them grown and living in varying states of disarray. Patrick, the eldest, is a hedge fund manager with a guilty conscience...

Publication Date: October 14, 2014
christmas elin hilderbrand holiday

Winter in Paradise (Paradise #1)
Elin Hilderbrand

What It's About: Spend the coldest days of winter on a Caribbean beach with New York Times Bestselling author Elin Hilderbrand.

Join New York Times Bestselling author Elin Hilderbrand on the stunning beaches of St. John for the beginning of her thrilling new winter series-The Paradise. Welcome to Paradise, the first book in the Paradise series, has everything that readers have come to know and love about an Elin Hilderbrand novel, plus a healthy dose of intrigue...

Publication Date: October 9, 2018
romance elin hilderbrand books i own

One Day in Winter (Winter Day #1)
Shari Low

What It's About: One morning in December, Caro set off on a quest to find out if her relationship with her father had been based on a lifetime of lies. Lila decided to tell her lover's wife of their secret affair. Cammy was on the way to pick up the ring for the surprise proposal to the woman he loved. And Bernadette vowed to walk away from her controlling husband of 30 years and never look back...

Publication Date: September 1, 2017
christmas chick lit romance

The Christmas Train
David Baldacci

What It's About: Disillusioned journalist Tom Langdon must get from Washington D.C. to L.A in time for Christmas. Forced to travel by train, he begins a journey of rude awakenings, thrilling adventures and holiday magic. He has no idea that the locomotives pulling him across America will actually take him into the rugged terrain of his own heart, as he rediscovers people's essential goodness and someone very special he believed he had lost...

Publication Date: November 4, 2001
christmas david baldacci book club

Danielle Steel

What It's About: Ginny Carter was once a rising star in TV news, married to a top anchorman, with a three-year-old son and a full and happy life in Beverly Hills—until her whole world dissolved in a single instant on the freeway two days before Christmas. In the aftermath, she pieces her life back together and tries to find meaning in her existence as a human rights worker in the worst areas around the globe...

Publication Date: February 23, 2016
danielle steel romance books i own

A Redbird Christmas
Fannie Flagg

What It's About: From the beloved author of Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe comes her latest New York Times bestseller--a new Yuletide classic about small-town America and larger-than-life wonders.

Publication Date: October 25, 2005
christmas book club holiday

A Wedding in December
Sarah Morgan

What It's About: In the snowy perfection of Aspen, the White family gathers for youngest daughter Rosie's whirlwind Christmas wedding.

First to arrive are the bride’s parents, Maggie and Nick. Their daughter’s marriage is a milestone they are determined to celebrate wholeheartedly, but they are hiding a huge secret about their own: they are on the brink of divorce...

Publication Date: October 31, 2019
christmas romance contemporary

The Christmas Sisters
Sarah Morgan

What It's About: In the snowy Highlands of Scotland, Suzanne McBride is dreaming of the perfect cozy Christmas. Her three adopted daughters are coming home for the holidays and she can’t wait to see them. But tensions are running high…

Workaholic Hannah knows she can’t avoid spending the holidays with her family two years in a row...

Publication Date: October 1, 2018
christmas romance holiday

Simply Irresistible (Lucky Harbor #1)
Jill Shalvis

What It's About: Maddie Moore's whole life needs a makeover.

In one fell swoop, Maddie loses her boyfriend (her decision) and her job (so not her decision). But rather than drowning her sorrows in bags of potato chips, Maddie leaves L.A. to claim the inheritance left by her free-spirited mother—a ramshackle inn nestled in the little coastal town of Lucky Harbor, Washington...

Publication Date: October 1, 2010
contemporary romance contemporary chick lit

Christmas Camp (Christmas Camp #1)
Karen Schaler

What It's About: From the screenwriter of the Netflix Original viral hit, A Christmas Prince, comes another heartwarming holiday story about a beautiful Grinch who’s determined to get her dream job even if it means spending a week at a Christmas Camp where she discovers an unexpected love.

Haley Hanson’s idea of the perfect Christmas is escaping to the Caribbean to work so she can avoid all the traditional Christmas distractions...

Publication Date: October 16, 2018
romance holiday contemporary

Christmas at Tiffany's (At Tiffany's #1)
Karen Swan

What It's About: Three cities. Three seasons. One chance to find the life that fits.

Cassie settled down too young, marrying her first serious boyfriend. Now, ten years later, she is betrayed and broken. With her marriage in tatters and no career or home of her own, she needs to work out where she belongs in the world and who she really is...

Publication Date: November 18, 2011
christmas chick lit romance

The Mother of All Christmases
Milly Johnson


Eve Glace - co-owner of Winterworld - is pregnant.  This sends the whole of the theme park into baby mania, especially as the baby’s due date is 25th December. But their joy is soured by the fact it appears someone is trying to sabotage the Christmas celebrations...

Publication Date: November 15, 2018
christmas romance chick lit

A Winter Flame
Milly Johnson

What It's About: 'Tis the season to be jolly… But can Eve find happiness through the frost…?

Eve has never liked Christmas, not since her beloved fiancé was killed in action in Afghanistan on Christmas Day. So when her adored elderly aunt dies, the last thing she is expecting is to be left a theme park in her will...

Publication Date: October 25, 2012
christmas chick lit romance

The Most Wonderful Time of The Year
Joanna Bolouri

What It's About: A hilarious and heartwarming Christmas comedy. Perfect for fans of Mhairi McFarlane, Tracy Bloom & Chrissie Manby. Thirty-eight year old Emily has a satisfying job, fab friends, an amazing car and, most importantly, a wonderful flat, exactly 411 miles away from the judgemental, batshit crazy, interfering family she reluctantly sees twice a year...

Publication Date: October 26, 2016
christmas romance chick lit

It Started With A Kiss
Miranda Dickinson

What It's About: From the author that gave you the Sunday Times top 10 selling title, Fairytale of New York, join our heroine Romilly as she discovers how far she will go to find the man of her dreams. What would you do to find the one that got away? As the singer in a wedding band, Romily Parker has seen her fair share of happy endings, even though her own love life isn't quite as simple...

Publication Date: November 3, 2011
christmas romance contemporary

With Love at Christmas
Carole Matthews

What It's About: Can the imperfect family really have the perfect Christmas?

Juliet Joyce adores Christmas. She loves the presents, the tree, the turkey, the tinsel, everything. Already the festive spirit is upon her, which is just as well as this Christmas things are starting to get out of hand.

Her son Tom is out of work and bringing home a slew of unsuitable partners; pregnant daughter Chloe and her little boy have moved back in; Juliet's father, Frank, is getting over a heartbreak of his own and Rita, her eccentric mother, is behaving more erratically each day...

Publication Date: September 1, 2014
chick lit christmas books romance

Wrapped Up in You
Carole Matthews

What It's About: A Christmas fling, or has Janie found the real thing? Thirty-something hairdresser Janie Johnson's single status is a constant source of gossip for her friends and clients. So after too many nights in with her cat, a blind date disaster and news that her ex is getting married, Janie realises it's time to do something dramatic with her life...

Publication Date: January 1, 2011
christmas chick lit romance

Twelve Days of Christmas
Trisha Ashley

What It's About: Christmas has always been a sad time for young widow Holly Brown, so when she's asked to look after a remote house on the Lancashire moors, the opportunity to hide herself away is irresistible -- the perfect excuse to forget about the festivities.

Sculptor Jude Martland is determined that this year there will be no Christmas after his brother runs off with his fiancee and he is keen to avoid the family home...

Publication Date: October 1, 2010
romance chick lit christmas books

The Christmas Invitation
Trisha Ashley

What It's About: A brilliant new Christmas novel from the Sunday Times bestselling Trisha Ashley will more than satisfy romantic comedy fans looking for the perfect festive read.

Recovering after an illness Meg is far from in the Christmas mood, in fact she’s hardly aware it’s approaching at all. They didn’t celebrate it where she grew up and she’s never gone in for the tinsel, baubles and mistletoe of it all...

Publication Date: October 1, 2019
christmas romance chick lit

A Winter's Tale
Trisha Ashley

What It's About: A charming romantic comedy about a hard-up single mum inheriting a stately home – and a host of headaches – The perfect novel for curling up with during the long winter nights.Sophy Winter is not your typical Lady of the Manor….When she unexpectedly inherits Winter's End - a crumbling mansion in the beautiful Lancashire countryside - it seems like all Sophy's prayers have been answered...

Publication Date: January 1, 2008
chick lit christmas romance

Mutts and Mistletoe
Natalie Cox

What It's About: Now in mass market paperback, the "ideal read for anyone who's a fan of Christmas or dogs--or both!"--Sophie Kinsella.

When a surprise break-up and a gas leak in her apartment leave Charlie single and homeless for the holidays, there's only one place to go--Cozy Canine Cottages, where she'll spend the season looking after her cousin's doggy day care center...

Publication Date: October 9, 2018
romance chick lit holiday

The White Christmas Inn
Colleen Wright

What It's About: In this heartwarming, feel-good novel, a snowstorm brings a cast of very different characters together at a sleepy New England inn, just in time for Christmas—and maybe even in time for a Christmas miracle.

A New England inn seems like the picture-perfect place to spend the holidays. But when a snowstorm shuts the roads and keeps them all inside, the guests find themselves worrying that this Christmas may not be exactly what they dreamed of...

Publication Date: October 23, 2018
christmas romance holiday

The Clause in Christmas (Poppy Creek #1)
Rachael Bloome

What It's About: Sometimes home is where you least expect it...

Cassie Hayward hates Christmas. Especially this year.

No job. Flat broke. And an ex most definitely on the naughty list.

But the unexpected inheritance of a Victorian cottage in the idyllic town of Poppy Creek may be the miracle Cassie needs...

Publication Date: December 17, 2019
christmas romance kindle tbr

Christmas at the Cupcake Café (At the Cupcake Café #2)
Jenny Colgan

What It's About: Issy Randall, proud owner of the Cupcake Cafe, is in love and couldn't be happier. Her new business is thriving and she is surrounded by close friends, even if her cupcake colleagues Pearl and Caroline aren't quite as upbeat about the upcoming season of snow and merriment. But when her boyfriend Austin is scouted for a possible move to New York, Issy is forced to face up to the prospect of a long-distance romance...

Publication Date: October 25, 2012
christmas chick lit romance

Christmas on the Island (Mure #3)
Jenny Colgan

What It's About: Christmas on the remote Scottish island of Mure is bleak, stark — and incredibly beautiful.It's a time for hunkering down, getting cosy in front of whisky barrel wood fires, and enjoying a dram with the people you love — unless, of course, you're accidentally pregnant to your ex-boss, and don't know how to tell him...

Publication Date: October 1, 2018
christmas romance chick lit

Christmas at the Island Hotel (Mure #4)
Jenny Colgan

What It's About: Another heartfelt and delightful Christmas tale from the beloved New York Times bestselling author of The Bookshop on the Corner and Christmas on the Island.

New York Times bestselling author Jenny Colgan returns to the setting of Christmas on the Island and Endless Beach for a heartwarming new novel celebrating the season, and Scotland...

Publication Date: October 13, 2020
christmas romance holiday

Blue Christmas (Weezie and Bebe Mysteries #3)
Mary Kay Andrews

What It's About:

Publication Date: October 24, 2006
christmas chick lit mary kay andrews

A Virgin River Christmas (Virgin River #4)
Robyn Carr

What It's About: Welcome back to Virgin River with the books that started it all…

Last Christmas Marcie Sullivan said a final goodbye to her husband, Bobby. This Christmas she wants to find the man who saved his life and gave her three more years to love him.

Fellow marine Ian Buchanan dragged Bobby's shattered body onto a medical transport four years ago, then disappeared once their unit arrived stateside...

Publication Date: October 28, 2008
romance robyn carr contemporary romance

Christmas Eve at Friday Harbor (Friday Harbor #1)
Lisa Kleypas

What It's About: New York Times bestselling author Lisa Kleypas’s new series begins during the most magical time of year
One rain-slicked night, six-year-old Holly lost the only parent she knew, her beloved mother Victoria. And since that night, she has never again spoken a word...

Publication Date: April 11, 2010
romance contemporary romance christmas

A Wallflower Christmas (Wallflowers #4.5)
Lisa Kleypas

What It's About: A scandalous love under the mistletoe.

It’s Christmas time in London and Rafe Bowman has arrived from America for his arranged meeting with Natalie Blandford, the very proper and beautiful daughter of Lady and Lord Blandford. His chiseled good looks and imposing physique are sure to impress the lady-in-waiting, and if it weren’t for his shocking American ways and wild reputation, her hand would already be guaranteed...

Publication Date: October 14, 2008
romance historical lisa kleypas

The Christmas Wish List (Wynbridge #7)
Heidi Swain

What It's About: 'The queen of feel-good' Woman & Home

***The sparkling new Christmas novel from the Sunday Times bestselling author Heidi Swain!***

After being let go from her job in a swanky hotel just weeks before Christmas, Hattie is feeling lost. Even more so when her high-flying boyfriend announces he’s landed his dream job in Abu Dhabi and asks her to move with him...

Publication Date: October 3, 2019
christmas romance christmas books

Christmas at the Beach Hut (The Beach Hut #3)
Veronica Henry

What It's About: Everyone adores Christmas . . . Especially Lizzy Kingham. But this year, she is feeling unloved and underappreciated by her family. The present-buying, decorating and food shopping have all been left to her. So she wonders . . . what would happen if she ran away and left them to it?

Lizzy heads to her favourite place: a beach hut on the golden sands of Everdene...

Publication Date: January 1, 2018
christmas christmas books romance

A Cosy Christmas in Cornwall
Jane Linfoot

What It's About: A December to remember… Christmas in a Cornish castle? Sign Ivy Starforth up! Hired to kit out the holiday rental as the world’s most Instagramable festive dreamland, there’s only one thing standing in the way of her hefty paycheque – the lord of the manor.Bill Markham could give Scrooge a run for his money but Ivy is firmly #TeamChristmas…even if her handsome host seems to be doing everything he can to sabotage her staging...

Publication Date: October 6, 2020
christmas romance holiday

The Great Christmas Knit Off
Alexandra Brown

What It's About: The perfect seasonal tale of how laughter, friends and wacky Christmas jumpers can mend a broken heart. For fans of Trisha Ashley and Jenny Colgan.

Heartbroken after being jilted at the altar, Sybil has been saved from despair by her knitting obsession and now her home is filled to bursting with tea cosies, bobble hats, and jumpers...

Publication Date: November 6, 2014
christmas chick lit romance

Christmas at the Beach Café (The Beach Café #2)
Lucy Diamond

What It's About: A Christmas short story from bestselling author Lucy Diamond, revisiting her Beach Café characters.

After a hectic summer running her beach café in Cornwall, Evie Flynn is looking forward to her first Christmas with new boyfriend Ed – she’s determined that it’s going to be the most perfectly romantic one ever...

Publication Date: November 7, 2013
christmas chick lit romance

A Fool's Gold Christmas (Fool's Gold #9.5)
Susan Mallery

What It's About: The unrelenting cheer in Fool's Gold, California, is bringing out the humbug in dancer Evie Stryker. She learned early on that Christmas miracles don't happen, at least not for her. And this year seems like no exception. An injury has forced her to return to the family fold, no matter that they're estranged...

Publication Date: September 18, 2012
romance susan mallery contemporary romance

Someone to Trust (Westcott #5)
Mary Balogh

What It's About: During a rare white Christmas at Brambledean Court, the widow Elizabeth, Lady Overfield, defies convention by falling in love with a younger man in this historical romance novel in the Westcott series.

After her husband's passing, Elizabeth Overfield decides that she must enter into another suitable marriage...

Publication Date: November 27, 2018
romance historical romance historical

The Present (Malory-Anderson Families #6)
Johanna Lindsey

What It's About: Barcelona. 24 cm. 205 p. Encuadernación en tapa dura de editorial ilustrada. Colección 'Los Malory', numero coleccion(6). Lindsey, Johanna 1952-. Traducción, Albert Solé Company. Traducción The present .. Este libro es de segunda mano y tiene o puede tener marcas y señales de su anterior propietario...

Publication Date: October 30, 2001
historical romance johanna lindsey historical

Santa, Baby
Jennifer Crusie

What It's About: Get ready for a holiday season you'll never forget with three of today's most sensational writers who know what every woman wants for the holidays. You'll believe in Santa all over again with these seductive stories from:
Mayhem ensues under the mistletoe as a determined shopper grabs the very last hot toy action figure off the shelf, only to find herself plunged into the middle of a real-life spy game--in the arms of a sexy secret agent...

Publication Date: October 31, 2006
christmas contemporary romance contemporary

All I Want for Christmas
Sherrilyn Kenyon

What It's About: 'Tis the season - for passion...The holidays have never been hotter, as four of todays' finest romance authors hang up the mistletoe and bring unwitting couples together in the most deliciously sinful ways! So sit back and unwrap four fabulously sexy stories - each guaranteed to give you all you want for Christmas...

Publication Date: November 15, 2000
christmas lori foster anthology

All I Want for Christmas is a Vampire (Love at Stake #5)
Kerrelyn Sparks

What It's About: Toni Davis's Christmas wish list

1. Springing my best friend from the psych ward.

2. Living somewhere that doesn't have coffins in the basement. Occupied coffins.

3. Finding Mr. Right. Please make him tall, dark, handsome, and alive.

This Christmas isn't so merry for Toni...

Publication Date: October 28, 2008
vampires paranormal romance

The Wicked and the Wondrous (Drake Sisters #includes #2)
Christine Feehan

What It's About: Two holiday novellas in one volume:

The Twilight Before Christmas (Drake Sisters #2)
Bestselling novelist Kate Drake, one of seven sisters with amazing powers of witchcraft, wants to open a bookstore in a charming but run-down mill in her California hometown. Decorated former U.S...

Publication Date: September 28, 2004
christine feehan paranormal romance

My True Love Gave to Me: Twelve Holiday Stories
Stephanie Perkins

What It's About: If you love holiday stories, holiday movies, made-for-TV-holiday specials, holiday episodes of your favorite sitcoms and, especially, if you love holiday anthologies, you’re going to fall in love with My True Love Gave To Me: Twelve Holiday Stories by twelve bestselling young adult writers, edited by international bestselling author Stephanie Perkins...

Publication Date: October 9, 2014
young adult romance short stories

Let It Snow: Three Holiday Romances
John Green

What It's About: Alternate cover edition for B006MOW98E

Sparkling white snowdrifts, beautiful presents wrapped in ribbons, and multicolored lights glittering in the night through the falling snow. A Christmas Eve snowstorm transforms one small town into a romantic haven, the kind you see only in movies. Well, kinda...

Publication Date: October 2, 2008
young adult romance books i own

Dash & Lily's Book of Dares (Dash & Lily #1)
Rachel Cohn

What It's About: “I’ve left some clues for you.
If you want them, turn the page.
If you don’t, put the book back on the shelf, please.”

So begins the latest whirlwind romance from the bestselling authors of Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist. Lily has left a red notebook full of challenges on a favorite bookstore shelf, waiting for just the right guy to come along and accept its dares...

Publication Date: October 26, 2010
romance contemporary christmas

Christian Christmas Romances

The Christmas Shoes (Christmas Hope #1)
Donna VanLiere

What It's About: Sometimes, the things that can change your life will cross your path in one instant-and then, in a fleeting moment, they're gone. But if you open your eyes, and watch carefully, you will believe....

Robert is a successful attorney who has everything in life-and nothing at all. Focused on professional achievement and material rewards, Robert is on the brink of losing his marriage...

Publication Date: November 9, 2001
holiday christmas books books i own

The Christmas Box (The Christmas Box Trilogy #1)
Richard Paul Evans

What It's About: This inspiring holiday tale tells the touching story of a widow and the young family who moves in with her, and the ways in which they discover together the first gift of Christmas and what the holiday is really all about. Written by the author as a token of affection for his daughters, The Christmas Box has captured the hearts and minds of over a million readers.

Publication Date: November 2, 1995
holiday books i own richard paul evans

The Mistletoe Secret
Richard Paul Evans

What It's About: Unabridged, 1 audiobook sound file, 5 hours 21 minutes
New York Times bestselling author and master of the holiday novel Richard Paul Evans presents the moving story of two people who brave loneliness and loss to find love.

Dear Universe,
Is anyone out there?

Thinking no one is reading, a blogger who calls herself LBH writes about her most personal feelings, especially her overwhelming loneliness...

Publication Date: November 15, 2016
christmas romance richard paul evans

Twelve Days of Christmas
Debbie Macomber

What It's About: NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER - Continuing in a festive annual tradition, Debbie Macomber returns with a new original holiday novel full of romance and cheer--and the magical prospect of finding love in the most unexpected places.

Friendly and bubbly, Julia Padden likes nearly everyone, but her standoffish neighbor, Cain Maddox, presents a particular challenge...

Publication Date: October 4, 2016
christmas romance debbie macomber

A Season of Angels (Angels Everywhere #1)
Debbie Macomber

What It's About: Wishes for love bring hope from above.

Shirley, Goodness, and Mercy—three willing but sometimes wayward angels—are each given someone's prayer to answer . . .

Shirley: She's sent to help nine-year-old Timmy Potter, who longs for a new father. And although his mother, Jody, has vowed never to trust any man, Shirley is determined to help her love again...

Publication Date: June 28, 2011
christmas romance debbie macomber

Christmas at Harrington's
Melody Carlson

What It's About: Christmas is approaching, and Lena Markham finds herself penniless, friendless, and nearly hopeless. She is trying to restart her life after false accusations landed her in prison, but job opportunities are practically nonexistent. When a secondhand red coat unexpectedly lands her a job as Mrs. Santa at a department store, Lena finally thinks her luck is changing...

Publication Date: October 1, 2010
christian fiction christian christmas books

An Ivy Hill Christmas
Julie Klassen

What It's About:

Publication Date: September 1, 2020
christmas historical fiction romance

christmas romance books novels holidays

christmas romance books novels holidays

christmas romance books novels holidays

christmas romance books novels holidays

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