50 Best Book Blogs to Read in 2022

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Book blogging can be fun, but reading other literary and book blogs is part of the fun as well. I often prefer book reviews from other bloggers over ones in literary magazines or newspapers, since they’re sometimes more straightforward and candid about their thoughts.

When it comes to other book blogs, I tend to follow blogs that update more frequently and ones that post more in-depth book reviews, though I know not everyone likes lengthy book reviews. I also appreciate a layout with good navigation, nice graphics or high-quality photos to go with their posts. And in general, I’m more inclined to recommend blogs that have been around longer.

So, in a completely unscientific and totally subjective list, here are my picks for the 50 Best Book Blogs to Read!

General Fiction and Non-fiction


Crime and Thriller

Romance Novels

Science Fiction & Fantasy

Young Adult

Writerly Blogs (Blogs Geared to Writers)

Literary Blogs

Corporate & News Blogs

Obviously, there are so, so many more fantastic book blogs out there — feel free to drop a comment if you have a favorite book blog that you think belongs on this list!

book blogs book websites literary blogs

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