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Thanks for your interest in working with The Bibliofile. The Bibliofile is a book blog which focuses on Bestsellers, Literary Fiction, Mysteries and some Popular Non-Fiction. The Bibliofile offers in-depth book reviews, supplemental materials, literary and publishing news, book-related content as well as book-adjacent content.

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This ad offers high visibility and appears on every blog post and book review on The Bibliofile. You can optionally submit a smaller (300×250) ad to be displayed on mobile devices. Ads must be 150 KB or less in size. See above for an example.

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The blog sponsorship allocates a space for you in between the main post and the comments of every blog post and book review. It’s an unique opportunity to convey meaningful information to your audience. You’ll be identified as a sponsor and have a chance to include an image (200×300 max) and short blurb (approval required). The blurb is up to you (a book synopsis, an author’s message, an endorsement, a “if you liked X books”, etc) and has a max limit of 280 characters. See below for an example.

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I would love to team up for other types of partnerships and sponsored content. I am happy to work with you to create something that makes sense for your goals and appeals to the audience here at The Bibliofile. Let me know what you’re thinking at

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