28 Summers Movie: What We Know

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Elin Hilderbrand’s latest novel, 28 Summers, has a movie adaptation in the works. For all the details, here’s what we know about the 28 Summers film adaptation:

What’s it about? What’s the plot?

28 Summers opens with a woman, Mallory Blessing, who is dying of cancer. She asks her son, Link (short for Lincoln), to call someone. It turns out to be a man named Jake McCloud, the husband of a current presidential candidate.

Hilderbrand then goes back to retrace the relationship between Mallory and Jake across nearly three decades. Over these 28 summers, their secret romance takes place over long weekends in a Nantucket cottage.

28 Summers was published in June 2020.

What format will it be? Will the 28 Summers adaptation be a Movie or a Series?

It’s planned as a feature movie.

Who’s behind it?

MRC Film is developing 28 Summers into a movie. MRC is known for a number of big-budget films such as 2019’s Knives out and 2017’s Baby Driver.

What’s the status of the 28 Summers adaptation?

The adaptation is currently early in its development. The book has been optioned, but that’s about it.

Who’s in the cast?

No casting details have been released yet.

See the full cast (when available) on IMDB.

When will it be released?

Currently unknown.

Is there a trailer or teaser available?

Not yet! Stay tuned.

28 Summers Movie Development Timeline

June 16, 2020 28 Summers (novel) is released.

June 16, 2020 MRC Film to Adapt Elin Hilderbrand Romance ’28 Summers’

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