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25 Best Bookstores in the World

There are so many great bookstores in and around the world, which I sort of knew but really came to understand while I started putting this list together. I realized how amazing, unique, charming, breathtaking, inspiring, and otherwise simply fantastic they all were. So, This is a list of the Best Bookstores in the World. …

Let’s Talk About Slate’s Where The Crawdads Sing Exposé

So, apparently, 2019 is the year of the literary exposé, and this time Where the Crawdads Sing is the book on the hot seat. Earlier this year, the New Yorker published a pretty thorough takedown of The Woman in the Window author A. J. Finn, and now Slate is taking a hard look into the …

A Bookstore in Oakland, Illustrated

This is my local bookstore, Spectator Books in Oakland. They are always nice to my dog and give her treats when we go in. The first bookstore I ever loved was my local Barnes and Noble when I was growing up. I know it is very uncool love a corporate bookstore, but I loved going …

A Literary Twitter Story

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. I think this is better offered up without explanation. Read the whole thing! I came across this and felt I compelled to pass it along. P.S. If you’re looking for more fun, random stuff, here’s Jane Eyre as told via internet memes