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"Other" is anywhere other than the U.S., U.K., Canada, Asia, India, Europe or AUS/NZ.
I accept self-published + indie books for review.
I participate in blog tours.
The BibliofiletwitterinstagramUSBestsellers Fiction Literary Mystery Non-Fiction
Afoma UmesitwitterinstagramfacebookOtherFiction YA Children's Non-Fiction Audiobooks
Roachie's ReviewstwitterUKFiction Historical Fiction Thrillers Children's Non-Fiction
Random Book Reviews WebtwitterinstagramUKYesBestsellers Fiction Literary Non-Fiction
Phannie the ginger bookwormtwitterinstagramEuropeYesHistorical Fiction Mystery Sci-Fi Fantasy YA
Live and DeadlytwitterinstagramfacebookUKYesBestsellers Literary Historical Fiction Thrillers Audiobooks
Ani's BooksUSRarelyFiction Non-Fiction History Politics Business
The Thousand Book Project
Hi, I identify as a diverse blogger.
USFiction Literary Sci-Fi Women's #OwnVoices
Hi, I identify as LGBTQ+.
twitterinstagramUKYesMystery Thrillers Sci-Fi Fantasy Horror
Le Cabinet MystèreinstagramEuropeYesFiction Literary Historical Fiction Thrillers Fantasy
S.W.LothiantwitterinstagramfacebookAus/NZFiction Mystery Thrillers Sci-Fi YA
shakespeare and such
Hi, I identify as LGBTQ+.
instagramUSYesSci-Fi Fantasy YA
Kitabi KeedatwitterinstagramfacebookIndiaYesFiction Thrillers Non-Fiction
Books & Wonders
Hi, I identify as LGBTQ+.
twitterinstagramEuropeRarelyFiction Sci-Fi Fantasy Children's Non-Fiction
The Must ReadstwitterinstagramfacebookUSYesBestsellers Fiction Literary Mystery Fantasy
Witness of the DawninstagramUSLiterary Historical Fiction Sci-Fi Fantasy Women's
Eternity BooksUSYesHistorical Fiction Mystery Thrillers YA
Hayley's Book Room
Hi, I identify as a diverse blogger.
twitterUKYesMystery Thrillers Fantasy YA Children's
Kat Loves BookstwitterinstagramCanadaYesBestsellers Mystery Thrillers Fantasy Horror
Surfs Up Writers Bookshelves
Hi, I identify as a diverse blogger.
twitterYesFiction Literary Historical Fiction Women's Non-Fiction
Briggs Loves BooksfacebookUSYesFiction Fantasy Children's Comics
For the Love of Meg
Hi, I identify as a diverse blogger.
instagramOtherRarelyBestsellers Fiction Thrillers Horror Children's
leahsletters.blogCanadaBestsellers Literary Historical Fiction Mystery Non-Fiction
Hephzibah GraceinstagramOtherYesBestsellers Fiction Literary Historical Fiction Horror
The Biblio Book WolfinstagramOtherHistorical Fiction Sci-Fi Fantasy YA Children's
Girls Who Kick Butt: A Feminist Book BlogtwitterinstagramUKYesFantasy YA Children's
A Novel Idea
Hi, I identify as a diverse blogger.
twitterinstagramUSYesBestsellers Historical Fiction Fantasy Women's Romance
The Wandering Eye: A Book Lover's Blog
Hi, I identify as a diverse blogger.
instagramUSYesFiction Literary Sci-Fi Comics Non-Fiction
Jessika ReadsinstagramUSRarelyFiction Historical Fiction Fantasy Horror YA
The Midnight Book ClubUSYesFiction Literary Historical Fiction Sci-Fi Children's
Books,dogs and catsEuropeHistorical Fiction Mystery Thrillers Sci-Fi Fantasy
Livin' That Savi Life
Hi, I identify as LGBTQ+.
twitterinstagramfacebookUSRarelyBestsellers Historical Fiction Fantasy YA Comics
library of witches
Hi, I identify as LGBTQ+.
Hi, I identify as a diverse blogger.
instagramUSRarelyFantasy Romance #OwnVoices YA Audiobooks
One ChapterUSYesLiterary Historical Fiction Mystery YA Children's
The Scones & Tomes SocietytwitterinstagramUSYesHistorical Fiction Fantasy #OwnVoices YA
Hi, I identify as a diverse blogger.
twitterinstagramfacebookUSYesFiction Literary Historical Fiction Thrillers Romance
50 BookstwitterfacebookUSFiction Literary Non-Fiction
Kirsty's Book Reviews
Hi, I identify as LGBTQ+.
twitterinstagramUKRarelyFantasy Women's Romance #OwnVoices YA
Booksforall245twitterinstagramYesFiction Thrillers Horror Non-Fiction
Thoughts on Papyrus twitterUKFiction Literary Historical Fiction Mystery Thrillers
Astrisbooks - Escape From Reality
Hi, I identify as a diverse blogger.
twitterinstagramOtherYesFiction Women's YA Non-Fiction Business
BooksBooks&More twitterinstagramYesFiction Thrillers Fantasy Romance YA
Hi, I identify as a diverse blogger.
twitterinstagramfacebookOtherRarelyFiction Literary Women's Romance Non-Fiction
Talking To My ShelfUKRarelyBestsellers Fiction Literary Women's Non-Fiction
thebookbloglifetwitterinstagramfacebookRarelyFiction Sci-Fi Fantasy YA Audiobooks
The Picky BookwormtwitterinstagramUSYesBestsellers Fiction Mystery Non-Fiction Audiobooks
Lady Bibliotaph
Hi, I identify as LGBTQ+.
USYesBestsellers Fiction Literary Women's YA
Arya's Fangirl Lexicon
Hi, I identify as LGBTQ+.
Hi, I identify as a diverse blogger.
twitterinstagramUSYesFantasy Romance #OwnVoices Comics Audiobooks
Chrikaru ReadstwitterinstagramUKYesSci-Fi Fantasy #OwnVoices YA Children's
Mary K ReadstwitterinstagramYesFiction Mystery Thrillers YA Children's
My Addiction To FictioninstagramRarelyBestsellers Fiction Literary Historical Fiction YA
Books and InsightsUKYesBestsellers Fiction Literary Women's YA
hey sarah heretwitterinstagramfacebookUKLiterary Historical Fiction Sci-Fi Fantasy
Jesha is a Bookworm
Hi, I identify as a diverse blogger.
twitterinstagramOtherYesFiction Historical Fiction Fantasy Romance YA
maya's magic musingsUSFiction Sci-Fi Fantasy Children's
the purple peginstagramAus/NZBestsellers Fiction Mystery Thrillers Fantasy
Emily The Book Nerd
Hi, I identify as a diverse blogger.
twitterinstagramfacebookyoutubeUSRarelyBestsellers Fiction Women's Romance
Ramblings of a Coffee Addicted WritertwitterinstagramfacebookUSRarelyFiction Horror Women's YA Children's
Alison In BooklandtwitterinstagramfacebookUSRarelySci-Fi Fantasy YA Children's
The Literary Apothecary
Hi, I identify as a diverse blogger.
USYesLiterary Historical Fiction Mystery Thrillers Sci-Fi
The Most Constant USRarelyBestsellers Fiction Literary Mystery Thrillers
The Book Dad
Hi, I identify as a diverse blogger.
twitterinstagramfacebookCanadaRarelyBestsellers Mystery Thrillers Fantasy Horror
Just Busy ReadingtwitterinstagramfacebookUSRarelyBestsellers Fiction Historical Fiction Mystery Audiobooks
Hi, I identify as a diverse blogger.
twitterUSYesBestsellers Fiction Women's YA
The Voracious Bibliophile
Hi, I identify as a diverse blogger.
twitterinstagramIndiaRarelyBestsellers Mystery Thrillers Fantasy
Books In BloomtwitterinstagramfacebookUSYesFiction Mystery YA
My World of Books
Hi, I identify as a diverse blogger.
twitterUSRarelyBestsellers Fantasy Romance #OwnVoices YA
Drink Coffee and Read Books
Hi, I identify as LGBTQ+.
Hi, I identify as a diverse blogger.
Aus/NZYesHistorical Fiction Mystery Fantasy #OwnVoices YA
True Book AddicttwitterinstagramfacebookUSRarelyFiction Literary Historical Fiction Fantasy History
Castle MacabretwitterfacebookUSRarelyBestsellers Thrillers Sci-Fi Fantasy Horror
Sohinee Reads & Reviews
Hi, I identify as a diverse blogger.
twitterinstagramfacebookIndiaRarelyMystery Thrillers Women's #OwnVoices YA
Weird PondfacebookOtherSci-Fi Fantasy Horror
Bookalicious Babe Book ReviewstwitterinstagramfacebookUSFiction Historical Fiction Women's YA Non-Fiction
Lala’s Book Reviews
Hi, I identify as a diverse blogger.
Genny ReadsinstagramOtherYesBestsellers Literary Mystery Sci-Fi YA
Ragamuffin BookstwitterinstagramfacebookAus/NZRarelyChildren's
Early Bird BookstwitterinstagramfacebookUSBestsellers Fiction Literary Historical Fiction Women's
Book CritterRarely
The Captivating QuillinstagramfacebookUSBestsellers Fiction Historical Fiction Mystery Romance
Pages & PlotstwitterinstagramEuropeRarelyMystery Thrillers Fantasy YA Audiobooks
Amanja Reads too Much
Hi, I identify as LGBTQ+.
RarelyBestsellers Literary Horror Comics Non-Fiction
Booked with AbbyYesBestsellers Fiction Mystery Fantasy YA
Kit 'N KabookletwitterfacebookUSYesMystery Sci-Fi Fantasy Romance YA
BackEnd Blogger
Hi, I identify as a diverse blogger.
IndiaRarelyFiction Mystery Thrillers Sci-Fi Fantasy
Maeve's BookshelftwitterinstagramfacebookUSRarelyBestsellers Historical Fiction Thrillers Fantasy YA
Lisa Book Stacks twitterinstagramfacebookUSYesHistorical Fiction Mystery Sci-Fi Women's Romance
Books & Other PursuitstwitterinstagramfacebookSci-Fi Fantasy Women's Romance YA
Books CharmingtwitterinstagramfacebookIndiaYesBestsellers Fiction Literary Non-Fiction Business
Coffee Then BooksinstagramfacebookUSRarelyFiction Literary Mystery Women's Non-Fiction
MicheleReader - In Search of the Next Great BookinstagramUSLiterary Historical Fiction Mystery Thrillers Women's
Book, Blog and CandletwitterinstagramUKYesFiction Mystery Fantasy YA Comics
Hooked on Bookz
Hi, I identify as a diverse blogger.
twitterIndiaYesMystery Thrillers Sci-Fi Fantasy YA
The Paperback Voyager
Hi, I identify as LGBTQ+.
Hi, I identify as a diverse blogger.
twitterinstagramEuropeYesFiction Historical Fiction Sci-Fi Fantasy #OwnVoices
Starred Pages
Hi, I identify as a diverse blogger.
twitterinstagramOtherYesThrillers Fantasy #OwnVoices YA Comics
One Book MoreUSYesFiction Fantasy Women's Romance YA
eastendreader98twitterinstagramUKBestsellers Fantasy YA
The Reading ArmchairtwitterinstagramfacebookEuropeRarelyLiterary Historical Fiction Mystery Sci-Fi Comics
Hi, I identify as a diverse blogger.
OtherYesLiterary Sci-Fi Fantasy YA Children's
Book Bustle ReviewstwitterfacebookUSYesHistorical Fiction Sci-Fi YA Non-Fiction History
Sacred Hearts Book Club
Hi, I identify as a diverse blogger.
OtherYesBestsellers Fiction Literary YA Audiobooks
Hi, I identify as a diverse blogger.
twitterinstagramIndiaYesMystery Thrillers Fantasy Horror YA
ReadMyLips.home.blogtwitterinstagramfacebookUSYesFiction Historical Fiction Mystery Thrillers Romance
OMG! Kaya Reads
Hi, I identify as a diverse blogger.
twitterinstagramUSRarelyFiction Mystery Thrillers Romance Audiobooks
Bellerose Reads
Hi, I identify as a diverse blogger.
twitterOtherMystery Fantasy Romance #OwnVoices YA
Abstract Books
Hi, I identify as a diverse blogger.
twitterinstagramfacebookIndiaRarelyFantasy Romance YA
Random Redheaded RamblingstwitterinstagramfacebookUKYesMystery Thrillers Sci-Fi Horror Comics
The TBR PiletwitterinstagramfacebookRarelyMystery Sci-Fi Fantasy Romance
Hsinju's Lit Log
Hi, I identify as LGBTQ+.
Hi, I identify as a diverse blogger.
twitterinstagramfacebookOtherYesFantasy Romance #OwnVoices YA Non-Fiction
Travelling Through Words
Hi, I identify as a diverse blogger.
twitterinstagramIndiaYesFiction Literary Fantasy YA Non-Fiction
Hi, I identify as a diverse blogger.
twitterinstagramfacebookIndiaYesMystery Thrillers Sci-Fi Fantasy Horror
Astronomy of My Dreams
Hi, I identify as a diverse blogger.
twitterUSRarelyMystery Thrillers Fantasy Horror
dusts of magicUKRarelyBestsellers Fantasy Romance YA
Krisha's Cozy Corner
Hi, I identify as a diverse blogger.
instagramIndiaYesBestsellers Fantasy #OwnVoices Children's Audiobooks
She Reads Romance BooksfacebookUSYesRomance
Cozy with BookstwitterinstagramUSYesBestsellers Thrillers Sci-Fi Fantasy Horror
Elgee Writes
Hi, I identify as a diverse blogger.
twitterinstagramfacebookOtherYesLiterary Mystery Women's #OwnVoices YA
Literary LiontwitterinstagramCanadaBestsellers Fantasy YA Comics
Chelle's Book Ramblings twitterinstagramOtherYesFantasy Women's Romance #OwnVoices YA
2SistasandaBooktwitteryoutubeUSBestsellers Fiction Mystery Thrillers Fantasy
Rose Petal PagestwitterinstagramUSRarelyBestsellers Sci-Fi Fantasy YA

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