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The Keep

A Disappointing Attempt at a Literary Gothic Novel, By Jennifer Egan

In The Keep, author Jennifer Egan spins her narrative yarn in in the form of two nested stories. Ray is prison inmate enrolled in a writing workshop. In his writing, we find our second story, one about two estranged cousins who are undergoing a project to renovate a centuries-old castle into a hotel. The two […]

We Have Always Lived in the Castle

A Suspenseful Tale of Two Sisters and a Haunting Past, By Shirley Jackson

Hmm, I seem to have read quite a few books about crazy people lately. This one is one of those. Shirley Jackson, who most people know from her short story “The Lottery” which almost everyone read in grade school at some point, has a particularly dark and suspenseful brand of writing and it shines in […]